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Spell check of forswear

Correct spelling: forswear

give up, keep, ricochet, abjure, draw back, withdraw, surrender, fib, renege, spring, abandon, cease, repeal, grow out of, recant, resign, resile, depart from, bounce, prevaricate, give in, draw in, bound, desert, pull back, shrink back, cut down, rebound, waive, recoil, cut out, leave, quitclaim, abdicate, render, renounce, demit, abnegate, cast off, kick, take back, yield, forsake, repudiate, swear off, discontinue, forego, hand over, relinquish, reverberate, vacate, deny, take a hop, retract, cede, lie, perjure, unsay, true, falsify, quit.

cherish, undertake, confirm, favor, contend, avow, haunt, endorse, accept, defend, acknowledge, support, affirm, vow, advocate, court, protect, adhere, hold, pursue, adopt, maintain, proclaim, espouse, claim, keep, admit, vindicate, declare, vouch, back, seek, state, occupy, prosecute, assert, uphold, retain, profess, embrace.

Examples of usage:

1) Of course, there were in the Southern army, as in every army, many who went with the multitude in the first enthusiastic rush, or who were brought into the ranks by the needful process of conscription; but it is not a little remarkable that few of the poorest and the most ignorant could be induced to forswear the cause and to purchase release from the sufferings of imprisonment by the simple process of taking the oath. - "The Creed of the Old South 1865-1915", Basil L. Gildersleeve.

2) Does not the man who conceives it his duty to forswear all happiness renounce something as well that, as yet, has not turned into happiness? - "Wisdom and Destiny", Maurice Maeterlinck.

3) But in the present state of men's minds and affairs, do not flatter yourselves that they will piously look to the head of our Church in the place of that Pope whom you make them forswear, and out of all reverence to whom you bully and rail and buffoon them. - "The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. VI. (of 12)", Edmund Burke.