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Spell check of disclose

Correct spelling: disclose

fall apart, demote, part, reveal, find, offload, spill, testify, avow, get across, pick up, unsheathe, fall in, come upon, stag, unlock, let loose, relegate, break-dance, describe, ruin, come across, collapse, chance on, fracture, unriddle, weaken, assert, give out, key, smash, give, carry, chance upon, uncover, break, get word, separate, infract, uncork, broadcast, get around, give way, go against, produce, strip away, fall upon, break away, bring out, identify, notice, acknowledge, go, unwrap, unearth, discontinue, detect, stop, discover, proclaim, grass, pause, learn, snitch, emit, unbosom, rat, kick downstairs, convey, throw back, come apart, bare, confess, name, admit, unclothe, check, display, find out, conk out, hear, erupt, breach, see, issue, unseal, die, violate, break off, release, leak, soften, declare, lay bare, distinguish, uncloak, bankrupt, key out, observe, make known, communicate, bump, light upon, break in, burst, impart, wear out, elicit, better, interrupt, dig up, recognize, report, give away, solve, announce, show, break out, offend, divulge, endanger, peril, shop, get out, express, founder, publish, debunk, split, denounce, breakthrough, widen, transgress, scupper, bring on, recrudesce, snap off, break up, put out, split up, develop, unmask, break down, open, bust, transmit, allow, brief, grant, utter, unravel, knowledge, fail, strip, disseminate, determine, tell, educe, intermit, cave in, dampen, expose, go bad, tell on, get wind, unveil, disinter, exhibit, fathom, betray, certify, happen upon, get a line, own, pass, introduce, undo, attain, concede, strike, set off, accept, spill the beans, advertise, unplug, wear, damp, let on, endorse, realize, let out.

darken, hide, veil, disavow, eclipse, bedim, gild, dissimulate, deny, dissemble, camouflage, disguise, secrete, conceal, shade, cloak, repudiate, varnish, obscure, shroud, cover, overcast, enshroud, becloud, mask, cloud, whitewash, overshadow, befog, screen, gloss, disown.

Examples of usage:

1) As a matter of fact, I now had one, though I should not have liked to disclose it to the Income Tax Commissioners. - "The Debit Account", Oliver Onions.

2) One glance was enough to disclose its nature. - "Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions", Slason Thompson.

3) For in him they recognize a master mind such as is given to a branch of science not more than once in a century; the veritable possessor of a magician's wand, who knows how to disclose the hidden veins of precious ore, the exploitation of which will prove a source of riches to so many faithful followers. - "Makers of Modern Medicine", James J. Walsh.