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Spell check of carry

Correct spelling: carry

harbour, give tongue to, hunt down, remove, retain, come by, stage, digest, no, run away, lubricate, chromosome, incline, book, let down, exile, transmit, canvass, car-pool, contribute, penal, bus, dribble, contract, woo, reach, wear, waft, take for, lead, broaden, take, clutch, stretch out, go, view as, drip, sell, determine, get, knock down, place, perform, necessitate, gain, stake, drop, give up to, put through, haul, cutoff, comprise, abstain, transplant, canalize, blackball, have got, induce, guide, aim, tamp, track down, hold up, serialize, back up, obligate, cover, embrace, conduit, subscribe to, bag, exsert, feed, exculpate, beam, possess, fly the coop, get across, inhibit, engage, land, win over, halt, dominate, execute, hold, involve, conceptualize, underpin, compute, bowl, directory, concord, keep out, rate, auction, transport, escape, stock, disclose, read, win, buy in, hire, agree, report, air, secure, guard, seem, piece, defy, lease, retail, bristle with, adopt, board, get in with, stick out, cesspit, discharge, play, mob, wait, help, over, mail, work, reserve, clear, draw out, incorporate, extradite, qualify, get behind, await, reach out, help along, attract, charter, owned, tamp down, bring up against, concur, shoulder, take in, prove, expatriate, prevail, state, entertain, allow, assoil, cross-fertilize, nurse, require, utter, apply, be given, shine through, accept, clog, admit, add, have a bun in the oven, conversion kick, hightail it, stomach, give birth, select, ravish, submit, withstand, draw, stand for, impart, transfer, airlock, slabber, operate, number, spoil, load down, sway, ask, channel, pick out, reelect, have, ply, relocate, print, ladder, comprehend, leave, reckon, sprout, experience, pass on, infect, feel, end, yield, attain, bulletin board, hawk, prop, gestate, hairsbreadth, count, backfield, bring, melt, lug, run for, prop up, evince, broadcast, scat, take away, cart, course, thrill, film, expect, pay, comport, American football, capture, claim, speak for, study, tote, convert, pile, gallop, post, stop, garner, ballot, expand, excited, bundle, turn back, put in, carve up, channelise, overflow, maintain, pack, unfold, choose, cradle, take hold, shift, carrier, take on, make, turn out, backpack, truck, break away, subsume, brand, acquit, represent, stretch forth, tend, deoxyribonucleic acid, burn, grow in, rock, deal in, learn, succeed, adjudge, move, look, compact, birth, buttress, calculate, enchant, return, add up, oblige, verbalise, bear, send, display, encourage, forward, stand out, deal, drivel, stockpile, publish, demean, get hold of, support, get in, race, sound, stretch, be, reason with, plague, sweeten up, walk away with, act, convey, peddle, blitz, conceive, assume, suffer, run, lean, consume, black market, grip, look at, wad, hunt, notice, use up, go about, lam, behave, lend, scarper, buckle up, canalise, bring in, lift, entail, relay, press out, portage, throw, declare, bolster, benefit, encompass, campaign, take aim, break, subscribe, strengthen, grab, help out, downspout, cloning, ingest, end zone, spread, carry out, blooming, block in, shake, hold back, keep back, lenient, import, pass, unravel, develop, bypass, culvert, curb, show, control, deem, pregnant, get through, splash, rent, filter, jump out at, permit, just, hold in, banner, ship, cross-fertilization, contain, burden, acquire, leap out at, defend, communicate, obtain, go for, tolerate, range, accommodate, hold tight, poke out, catch, stand, knowledge, disciplinary, take up, bring around, die hard, freight, cross, call for, bind, extract, grasp, elect, confine, count against, radius, clone, stock up, procure, shoot, trickle, exhibit, provide, hold out, bring over, offer, take over, electrify, deport, start, enthral, displace, turn tail, disadvantage, widen, slobber, hump, step, project, occupy, withdraw, delight, harbor, tingle, hang on, light, launch, shore, push, prolong, stay, let, swing, throttle, consort, persuade, deliver, defeat, carry on, reap, anticipate, extend, bunk, endure, continue, fetch, blockage, uphold, enthrall, head for the hills, bring along, drool, moderate, slaver, plaque, expectant, express, persist, demand, enrapture, mild, arrest, station, put out, protract, noticeboard, answer for, check, conceptualise, bleed, channelize, accompanied, strike, undergird, convoy, dispatch, exemplary, jam, flow, train, ferry, bestow, open up, bootleg, throng, estimate, schlep, melt down, conduct, tell, keep, cause, change down, pursue, excite, box in, need, exonerate, shore up, bring through, take to the woods, target, exact, climb, realize, direct, put up, give, function, postulate, hold on, do, strain, mount, drive, adduce, consider, fill, embarrass, brace, abide, assist, assess, restrain, brook, depth, pull down, go around, verbalize, sustain, quit.

except, shake off, fall under, lose, forfeit, drop, misbehave, leave, accord, grant, act up, rule out, debar, yield, cut up, give, prevent, ban, misconduct, prohibit, carry on, misplace, part, let go, exclude, mislay, bar, throw down, give up, throw off, eliminate, reject, relinquish, omit, preclude, deny, surrender, refuse, pay, hand over.

Examples of usage:

1) Father, we want to carry some. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) He seemed to carry some secret with him, and no doubt was followed about the world as he thought he was. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) But you may not carry me as you have done. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.