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Spell check of dribble

Correct spelling: dribble

expect, garbage, deteriorate, throw away, post, deport, spend, behave, tittle, discharge, percolate, snip, rise, morsel, tarradiddle, scruple, particle, pack, distill, dismiss, drool, hold, omit, drivel, mote, send away, fell, bilgewater, stock, dripping, snippet, persuade, slaver, transmit, filtrate, overleap, bear, permeate, devolve, knock off, filter, sway, transport, speck, shake off, molecule, baloney, atom, filter out, miss, dangle, cast, humbug, take, leak, leave out, boloney, drop, trickle, dribbling, fleck, strain, gestate, tosh, conduct, crumb, carry, nugget, run, dry, flyspeck, throw, send packing, salivate, put down, mouth, drop off, taradiddle, neglect, degenerate, drip mold, contain, stockpile, drop down, slobber, acquit, unload, slabber, pretermit, tommyrot, drip, cast off, strike down, bosh, patch, convey, sink, extend, granule, comport, channel, separate out, nubbin, set down, have a bun in the oven, grain, sink in, cut down, expend, scrap, flatten, sounds, drip mould, twaddle, overlook, weep, impart, swing, throw off, express, shed.

gob, quantity, abundance, deal, stack, mass, peck, pile, wealth, heaps, bushel, chunk, hunk, profusion, scads, wad, slab, mountain, volume, loads, barrel, raft, bucket, lump.

Examples of usage:

1) You are never out of the sight and sound of the plunging water, which is still trained in falls and fountains, or left to a pathetic dribble through the tattered stucco of the neglected grots. - "Roman Holidays and Others", W. D. Howells.

2) Supplies did slowly dribble in, and sometimes came in encouraging quantities when a store- ship was captured. - "The Siege of Boston", Allen French.

3) " Oh, well, I promise," said Adeline, forlornly, with a weak dribble of tears. - "The Quality of Mercy", W. D. Howells.