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Spell check of care

Correct spelling: care

lot, cope, peace, trouble, custodianship, absorption, shell out, diligence, headship, perplexity, nicety, alertness, dish out, exertion, boot, armorial bearing, deliberation, surveillance, carry on, thought, mind, consideration, pains, watch, operation, watching, vex, superintendence, dread, engrossment, security, care order, misgiving, rapture, heed, prudence, encumbrance, finagle, nervosity, worry, charge, supervision, safeguard, flush, disquiet, governance, administration, vexation, responsibility, fretfulness, apprehensiveness, observation, particularity, undertaking, prize, preciseness, strictness, food bank, load, acknowledge, burden, oversee, make do, financial aid, do by, billing, tension, adoption agency, business organisation, get by, aid agency, concern, veneration, bring off, pursuit, conduct, heedfulness, guardianship, treatment, cherish, trust, consider, desire, apportion, reverence, divvy up, perturbation, guard, intentness, uneasiness, notice, cathexis, fundraiser, treat, protection, contend, oversight, regard, supervise, adore, work, deal, conservation, bursting charge, carry off, awareness, aid, control, business concern, alarm, concernment, wish well, complaint, pressure, anxiety, superintend, application, wariness, annoyance, share, stewardship, kick, angst, immersion, sell, manage, watchfulness, difficulty, idolize, exactness, wield, attention, object, value, wake up, carelessness, caveat, forethought, bang, premeditation, charity, dispense, handling, presidency, painstaking, pain, self-defense, guidance, careful, enrapture, impediment, thoroughness, business, disturbance, attending, maintenance, fear, regardfulness, stew, plow, tending, scrutiny, attention span, fascination, thrill, nervousness, wangle, au pair, handle, business organization, direction, neglect, heraldic bearing, hindrance, disquietude, lovingness, like, administer, love, rush, deal out, rehab, tutorship, nibble, discomposure, commission, distribute, fixated, grief, fussiness, wish, adoptive, mete out, upkeep, strain, appreciate, precaution, pull off, affliction, observant, exasperation, calculation, unhappiness, alert, mission, vigilance, rehabilitation, explosive charge, babysitter, focused, admire, onus, problem, portion out, guardedness, awe, address, negociate, misfortune, assist, regulation, bearing, ward, fearfulness, infatuate, accusation, handicap, sorrow, heavy lifting, gingerliness, agitation, give care, oppression, management, electric charge, circumspection, look at, therapy, trade, foreboding, make out, cover, conscientiousness, superintendency, intendance, punctiliousness, distress, chariness, caution, safekeeping, stress, running, meticulousness, attentive, headache, carefulness, chagrin, agita, thoughtfulness, defense, sanctuary, assistance, grapple, solicitousness, take, trial, fastidiousness, concentration, aid worker, keeping, worship, fright, Jaycee, sweat, watch out, beware, government, self-preservation, cautiousness, apprehension, anguish, fretting, challenge, discretion, interest, attentiveness, closeness, tutelage, concerned, feelings, sustenance, scrupulousness, deal in, adopted, nuisance, economic aid, discrimination, bid, respect, benefactor, health, fund, adoption, palm, allot, dedication, unease, entrancement, sustainment, dole out, glom onto, babysit, adopt, alimony, help, safe passage, tuition, do, effort, custody, regimen, care for, parcel out, calm, foundation, solicitude, meticulosity, bother, occupy, anxiousness, sustentation, tribulation, aggravation, mindfulness, burster.

ease, suddenness, inobservance, easiness, inconsideration, incautiousness, heedlessness, nonchalance, unkindness, calmness, precipitousness, relief, abruptness, satisfaction, contentment, inattentiveness, tranquillity, comfort, unwariness, incaution, solace, inconsiderateness, brashness, peacefulness, assurance, serenity, carelessness, content, consolation, impetuousness, placidness, negligence, sereneness, inadvertence, placidity, recklessness, apathy, calm, peace, quietude, thoughtlessness, tranquilness, confidence, quiet, inattention, inadvertency, unconcern, hastiness, rashness.

Examples of usage:

1) He did not care what became of the boy, as long as he made money. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) And yet he did care. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) I don't care so very much for this Dean girl, either. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.