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Spell check of concern

Correct spelling: concern

business, love, fascination, fretfulness, tie in, solicitude, hit, commercial enterprise, nervosity, guardianship, accountability, misgiving, position, doctor, denote, tinge, link up, corporation, head ache, distress, anguish, watchfulness, business enterprise, venture, account, essence, reverence, consideration, absorption, acquisition, absorb, advert, agita, bushel, commission, cancer, enrapture, devotion, look up, practice, uneasiness, repair, negotiation, get, vexation, interact, fretting, link, fright, lodge in, mend, business organisation, concernment, stage business, clientele, business sector, worry, awe, service, demons, duty, disturbance, strike, restore, immersion, calling, outfit, come to, refer, firm, vocation, perturbation, commitment, sweat, unease, employment, touch on, take effect, revive, priority, partake, colligate, invade, holding, regardfulness, canker, merchant, tint, cite, mindfulness, fear, interrelate, frighten, agitation, business organization, tension, assignment, observation, appertain, onus, attentiveness, intentness, use up, alertness, surround, attention, management, activity, career, annoying, ardor, anxiousness, selling, engage, consortium, compulsion, commerce, feature, carry on, partnership, annoyance, scrutiny, engross, cephalalgia, heedfulness, entrancement, barter, cark, blanket, passion, transaction, posting, core, mention, aid, uphold, nervousness, station, establishment, the biz, engrossment, veneration, continue, touch, reach, weigh on, meet, basis, company, profession, foreboding, bogie, bugbear, house, pertain, livelihood, push, base, care, precaution, busy work, exchange, stress, take, concentration, line, diligence, obligation, maintenance, occupy, stir, situation, interest, agent, pressure, anchor, matter to, affair, forethought, tutelage, trade, retailing, apply, specialty, equal, dread, upkeep, element, responsibility, business concern, admiration, bear on, notice, disquiet, apprehensiveness, vex, matter, trust, put, romance, byplay, affiliate, bring out, job, occupation, impact, ail, bear upon, furbish up, extend to, agency, fearfulness, blue chip, contact, resuscitate, busy, alarm, associate, fill, deference, shape, bring up, disquietude, charge, consult, match, tending, disturb, big business, strain, respect, line of work, irritation, rival, unsettle, patronage, market, relevant, do with, anxiety, chafe, rapture, botheration, enterprise, relate, perplexity, trouble, preserve, bogey, reside, industry, name, caution, allude, tear apart, adjoin, tinct, affect, headache, proprietorship, correspond, labor, connect, staple, key, bother, bugaboo, fix, apprehension.

confidence, consolation, peacefulness, calm, relief, nonchalance, comfort, tranquilness, satisfaction, assurance, quietude, content, unconcern, ease, quiet, contentment, easiness, solace, carelessness, placidness, tranquillity, peace, sereneness, apathy, serenity, placidity, calmness.

Examples of usage:

1) Why should that concern you? - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) It does not concern me in the least what you do, or how you do it. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) How does it concern you? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.