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Spell check of bare

Correct spelling: bare

uncase, white, black, simple, show, unplugged, unsophisticated, ransack, stark, supererogatory, vacuous, severe, disrobe, primal, inadequate, undo, display, stern, unlock, stainless, uninhabited, deserted, disinvest, despoil, unsheathed, cutting, surplus, meagerly, artless, spare, air out, full-frontal, barren, undiluted, transmit, discover, natural, innocent, open, spotless, desert, forsaken, unimpeded, bleak, primary, pillage, meager, meagre, vent, put on, unwrap, forgotten, divulge, sun-baked, essential, topless, refined, reave, uncluttered, austere, evident, decent, redundant, untainted, dismal, unobstructed, candid, unadulterated, inhospitable, excess, miserable, modest, supernumerary, unveil, leach, exhibit, disrobed, uncapped, yawning, unmistakable, complete, scanty, unclosed, unembellished, dim, deprive, clear, plunder, irreducible, peel, unclothe, everlasting, extra, rudimentary, denuded, honorable, unlocked, core, unalloyed, dry, narrow, unclad, loot, sinless, simon-pure, discase, unstopped, consummate, undefiled, sheer, peeled, terse, vacant, manifest, gaping, fundamental, prime, faultless, send, unseal, unbarred, aboriginal, monolithic, derelict, uncrowded, rifle, unsullied, very, divest, atomic, unfinished, strip away, devoid, childlike, ventilate, superfluous, overt, blank, offer, arid, inherent, patent, stripped-down, agape, gross, minimum, publicise, undecorated, intrinsic, release, elemental, foray, unmixed, treeless, revealed, only, indivisible, desolate, barely, scant, undress, wild, leafless, empty, slight, admitting, uncovered, nascent, unblemished, stripped, unsheathe, chaste, raw, undressed, immaculate, abandoned, blunt, guiltless, bald, lonely, double-dyed, unvarnished, uncork, hollow, forlorn, reveal, grassless, strip down, dismantle, pure, purebred, uncover, virtuous, trim, mere, unplug, advertise, staring, crystalline, air, insufficient, unclothed, dusty, little, disclose, unmingled, few, utter, sparse, unpainted, free, uncomplicated, thoroughgoing, angelic, lifeless, divested, render, advertize, void, clean, accessible, marginal, crude, parched, basal, basic, starkers, beam, publicize, apparent, destitute, throw back, bankrupt, unadorned, strip, unornamented, ajar, give away, unpatterned, unwrapped, arrant, foundational, untarnished, plain, voice, denudate, full, bottomless, direct, bereft, dreary, mother-naked, elementary, exposed, broadcast, formative, aerate, perfect, surrender, au naturel, blameless, toom, unveiled, unbolted, expose, denude, sodding, plain-vanilla, homely, shed.

decent, ostentatious, dust-covered, clad, flamboyant, beaded, provided, fat, encrusted, loaded, decked, bedizened, rife, bulging, furnished, packed, splashed, suited, crusty, sun-drenched, veiled, cloaked, filled, crustlike, garnished, draped, fancy, drenched, baroque, extravagant, tawdry, drenched in, ornamented, bursting, ornate, flush, ample, snow-clad, moss-grown, replete, flashy, canopied, glitzy, thronging, overspread, mossy, overdecorated, brimming, supplied, tiled, snow-covered, wrapped, mantled, abounding, decked-out, garish, bedecked, splashy, hospitable, crowded, occupied, jam-packed, bearded, plastered, overdone, muffled, thick, covered, elaborate, glittery, arrayed, arillate, embroidered, wide, vested, chock-full, decorated, dabbled, adorned, mud-beplastered, rococo, thickspread, snowy, saturated, teeming, overflowing, robed, invested, attired, complete, swank, hairy, sheathed, crusted, white, stuffed, dressed, garbed, swarming, trimmed, moon-splashed, ariled, gaudy, tricked, overwrought, smothered, splattered, overgrown, embellished, florid, painted, appareled, peritrichous, overrun, lurid, clothed, spattered, blanketed, full, dusty, crammed, exaggerated, awninged, rigged, caparisoned, fraught, jammed, showy, loud, sealed.

Examples of usage:

1) And they bare it. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) Well, now, get out here an' get down on th' floor on yer bare knees and haave a talk wi' 'im. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) The young man turned away and crossed the bare floor with light steps and drew the door softly shut after him as he went out. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.