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Spell check of handicap

Correct spelling: handicap

discount, verification, frustrate, penalty, downside, deduction, encumbrance, breakdown, chit, ailment, arrest, deterioration, interrupt, obstructer, disenable, resistance, detriment, complaint, vantage, encumber, deduct, impedance, mire, decrepitude, attack, condition, holdback, punish, clog, feebleness, hinderance, minus, hindrance, weaken, obstruct, chastisement, delay, damage, thwart, constipate, brake, preventative, substantiation, blockage, deadening, fine, check mark, counter, stoppage, obstacle, confirmation, disable, preventive, unhealthiness, discipline, interruption, restraint, barrier, strangle, impediment, undermine, scotch, bottleneck, hinder, deaden, entanglement, detain, ague, checkout, premium, bar, balk, baulk, cramp, let, crimp, punishment, stupefy, virus, affection, frustration, fever, illness, disorder, entrap, tamper, shackles, impede, syndrome, judge, congest, block, hitch, enfeeble, bug, disarm, baffle, foul, complicate, restriction, choke, weakness, deter, forfeiture, snag, upper hand, disbenefit, apoplexy, deterrent, chip, stay, spasm, negative, manacle, hurdle, debility, infirmity, tangle, pestilence, sickness, correction, curse, infection, sap, disadvantage, disablement, restrict, stun, assay, symptom, jam, queasiness, hobble, paralyze, constrain, interference, prostrate, check, stymy, impasse, forfeit, tab, tick, cheque, malady, anesthetize, screw up, injury, incommodity, entangle, affliction, favor, opposition, harm, indisposition, plug, obstructor, retribution, trammel, start, halt, incumbrance, powerlessness, oppose, dam, hamper, rafter, inhibition, disability, disease, abrogate, stumbling block, drawback, catch, embarrass, nausea, cripple, bung, constipation, invalidate, abatement, bridle, congestion, chastise, odds, stultification, neutralize, incapacitate, debit, judgment, liability, incapability, chain, impotence, bank check, curb, bafflement, resist, stymie, botch, benumb, inability, feverishness, complication, advantage, collapse, obstruction, penalize, fetter, abate, hamstring, impedimenta, dull, drag, inhibit, help, embarrassment, infliction, halter, restrain, lame, strike, inadequacy, check-out procedure, impair, head start, blockade, damper, snarl, impairment, malaise, stop, correct, incompetence, invalid, vitiate, burden, constraint.

catalyst, lead, opportunity, ascendancy, advantage, asset, prerogative, privilege, start, goad, control, impetus, command, edge, assistance, mastery, stimulus, supremacy, incentive, benefit, spur, better, transcendence, help, head start, vantage, aid, predominance, plus, break, margin, upper hand, jump, superiority, drop, boost, handmaiden, stimulant.

Examples of usage:

1) But it was his handicap, I guess, that made him concentrate on telepathy, so that he doesn't need his ears to hear what people are saying. - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.

2) He never smoked in the morning- a habit which was in itself a handicap. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.