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Spell check of control

Correct spelling: control

operation, chart, sift, bidding, bind, stratify, aft, review, watch over, double-blind, domination, ascendence, over, stabilize, understand, chasteness, chequer, work, dial, superintendence, prepare, assert, rate, fetter, order, meet, schedule, superiority, bar, succeed, seniority, prevail, soften, hand, primacy, project, harness, greatness, authorization, mark, look after, prowess, triumph, manage, affirm, overtop, denial, master, agree, direction, surmount, condition, enfranchisement, freeze, date, give, defy, search, reserve, bias, construe, activate, ensure, examination, abnegation, comptroller, establish, authority, subordinate, reign, integrate, place, hold back, console, regard, categorize, soberness, control key, score, law, go, figure, Lord, systematize, coax, release, find, bear, get the hang, group, laterality, head, purview, say-so, stricture, equilibrium, machine, squeeze out, government, plot, superintendency, curb, hear, keeping, authorize, birthright, precedence, regulate, run, fake, oversee, type, predominance, fudge, nurse, rig, delete key, collate, power, catch, motivation, detect, inspection, ballast, composure, learn, misrepresent, orchestrate, encounter, supremacy, unify, might, temperance, sustain, affect, pick up, prestige, apply, arrow key, fit, character set, realize, faculty, plan, avow, compose, view as, constriction, anatomize, look, reject, controller, separate, biopiracy, fast forward, entitlement, aileron, conquer, swan, powerfulness, settle, visualise, empirical, puissance, pull, dominate, blockage, strength, find out, right, instruction, oligopoly, screen, maneuver, hindrance, take, sobriety, concur, predominate, mandate, backspace, governance, checker, pull strings, methodize, management, manoeuvre, pressure, suppress, incorporate, design, aver, fancy, leadership, comprise, shackle, lock, keep in line, pigeonhole, grade, abstinence, moderate, insure, suss out, bid, command, guidance, curtailment, set, conn, limit, constrain, support, restrict, prerogative, constraint, subdue, kill off, cast, manoeuver, remote control, vigor, running, control condition, break, go steady, pilot, charge, subordination, check, program, ctrl, arm, simpleness, harbor, kingship, limitation, structure, marginalization, empowerment, guarantee, will, run into, accountant, credential, fence in, take in, boundary, oversight, sovereignty, Alt key, motivate, pen in, ascendancy, moderation, block, stewardship, tether, airfoil, make, check out, obligate, cool head, simmer down, outlaw, preside, disqualify, take care, dissect, keep, deem, handling, conceal, have, book, rank, empower, correspond, sway, grasp, cool, normalize, serenity, simplicity, declare, operate on, retain, demarcation, stature, get over, overcome, swear, shut off, bridle, instrument, overlook, monopoly, actuate, check into, rationalize, reassure, stamp down, image, switch, jibe, run across, coordination, direct, fix, underwrite, withstand, importance, steer, altimeter, dryness, check over, bottle up, disapprove, license, govern, hold up, enjoyment, train, black box, regulator, guard, discover, button, attend, manipulate, bay, statement, prohibit, chasten, impede, require, win, rein, adjudge, better, steam, commission, consider, halt, tame, go out, falsify, defend, analysis, presidency, go over, potency, mediate, AWACS, ascendency, restrainer, inhibit, check up on, command key, check off, due diligence, interfere with, lever, contain, supervise, tone down, teetotalism, detainment, self-possession, repress, forbid, handle, grip, chair, constrict, eject, enclose, see to it, mesh, dominance, frame, supervision, balance, administration, knob, get word, office, clutch, interpret, dominion, collar, competence, peace, match, equanimity, look into, take hold, punch, devise, escort, cover, go through, energize, refuse, temper, cut into, infringe, cook, schematize, maintain, scheme, prevent, classify, mightiness, wangle, scrutiny, tie down, promise, view, pull wires, ascertain, concord, confinement, assure, prepotency, mince, flick, stamp out, superintend, hinder, care, tally, dictation, bondage, carry, leash, restrain, arrange, function, program line, tell, oppress, harbour, ban, oblige, array, hands, animal rights, adjust, tick, turn back, privilege, administer, realise, confines, gibe, form, detention, sort, survey, keyboard, visit, helm, governor, inhibition, visualize, picture, detection, watch, containment, coordinate, pause, experience, energy, engage, detain, death grip, lead, take for, disallow, caps lock, throw, class, get wind, accommodate, cogency, confine, marshal, examine, mold, come across, mastery, crank, keep back, ascendance, master switch, secure, authorisation, mark off, see, operate, determine, range, aerofoil, get a line, deny, hamper, harmonize, witness, cut back, deal with, stop, reckon, verify, hold in, delay, obtain, chromatography, title, execute, keep down, force, arrest, preclude, curtail, discipline, shape, cure, admit, go for, panel, restriction, impediment, regulation, tick off, influence, vanquish, intendance, collect, clout, rule, envision, flash, entertain, avionics, have got, prejudice, ease, calm, restraint, hold, unsnarl, organize, key.

impotence, submit, obey, helplessness, relinquishment, comply, powerlessness, dispossession, unrestraint, yield, transferal, surrendering, impotency, weakness.

Examples of usage:

1) Can't you control him better than that? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) It endues him with control, and, above all, with comprehension. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) It was Helen's calm faith in me that kept me at it and gave me self- control. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.