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Spell check of introduce

Correct spelling: introduce

give away, infiltrate, confine, uncover, wrap, birth, realise, go into, bring on, meet, generate, confront, intercalate, establish, inject, bring in, tuck, represent, set forth, portray, demonstrate, form, herald, bring out, unveil, gain, inaugurate, trigger, advance, expose, encounter, forgo, coach, enwrap, submit, familiarize, common market, get in, insert, front, include, break in, found, hive away, accustom, face, fetch, forego, pose, kick off, orient, develop, balance of payments, hatch, put down, declare, lay out, add, discover, put in, assert, catalyze, bleep out, spring, embark, hold in, assign, store, butt in, break, intersperse, produce, gift, stem, dawn, interpose, insinuate, get into, embed, launch, figure, deliver, penetrate, reveal, instal, antecede, premise, undertake, words, institute, conceive, enfold, raise, chisel in, carry, record, run into, disclose, salt away, divulge, antedate, constitute, release, emerge, announce, affirm, moot, cut in, bump into, induct, prepare, stack away, anticipate, instruct, initiate, lay in, earn, trail-blaze, meet up, move into, aver, get on, come across, forerun, plant, import, asseverate, guest, allege, orientate, participate, intrude, propose, create, make, edit, transport, sandwich, come on, familiarise, salute, knowledge, pioneer, begin, train, offer, recruit, inset, bud, place, unwrap, lecture, interpolate, invent, give, stick in, slip in, chime in, claim, start, come before, broach, stash away, precede, close in, issue, teach, realize, see, organize, inclose, work in, originate, proclaim, fit, shut in, interject, anchor, get out, maintain, hand back, demo, usher in, set off, state, blockade, bring, enrol, lodge, predate, say, barge in, foreshadow, go in, set up, commence, implant, acquaint, start off, preface, export, throw in, publish, show, edge in, make known, ground, head off, pull in, open, infix, enclose, lead, inscribe, bring about, premiss, initialize, adduce, plead, present, stage, envelop, come in, sprout, enter, edit out, install, award, put forth, balance of trade, embargo, take in, educate, cite, let on, put out, let out, accede, innovate, interlard, clear, enroll, sneak in, tutor, bring up, pierce, exhibit, germinate.

eject, exclude, end, wind up, silence, stop, phase out, terminate, extract, hush, reject, nullify, wrap up, deduct, round, close, eliminate, shut, subtract, quiet, expel, annihilate, detach, annul, abolish, withdraw, finish, suppress, censor, halt.

Examples of usage:

1) " I want to introduce him to you," said Martin. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) I don't need to introduce myself, do I? - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) Come here, Jack, I want to introduce you to my father. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.