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Spell check of cry

Correct spelling: cry

bawl, chant, publicize, cuckoo, summons, hurrah, acclamation, ejaculation, howl, intone, tears, build up, advertise, claim, holler out, forebode, call up, phone call, catchphrase, address, call off, sobbing, bleat, yammer, bewail, margin call, talk up, squawk, moo, anticipate, promulgate, proclaim, gripe, conjuration, utter, cackle, twitter, speak, ring, call option, note, utterance, predict, scream, promote, response, war whoop, parole, uproar, gobble, call-out, wawl, yawp, vociferate, pipe, wail, outburst, bemoan, desire, bray, chirp, intonation, clamor, rap out, murmur, foretell, appeal, noise, lament, bid, articulation, grunt, cheep, reflex, cry out, squeal, exclamation, speech, yelp, brood, push, banner, telephone, snarl, weeping, whisper, order, plug, long, different, quack, happy, sniffle, pronounce, yowl, prognosticate, misty-eyed, emit, rage, growl, alight, ululation, holler, bluster, meow, hoot, squall, prayer, rallying cry, dissolve into, choke up, suppliance, beef, call in, send for, cluck, whimper, interplay, demand, blazon out, screech, password, ouch, hullabaloo, decry, song, bellow, promise, birdsong, mutter, solicitation, battle cry, agonize, emission, halloo, ow, whine, moan, reply, countersign, answer, cheer, weep, trill, twit, war cry, grieve, welcome, whinny, bark, shibboleth, flap, lamentation, crab, pitch, keen, mourn, weepy, enunciate, warble, beat, shout, ululate, interjection, bellyache, knowledge, tearful, application, word, plaint, shriek, vociferation, pleading, dissimilar, call, abuse, watchword, teardrop, phone, articulate, burst out, bay, telephone call, outshout, reaction, groan, neigh, supplication, wailing, words, birdcall, whoop, chatter, blurt, blubber, voice, pronunciation, clapperclaw, cock-a-doodle-doo, clack, visit, plea, adjuration, mew, shout out, yell, request, crow, name, ballyhoo, misty, entreaty, roar, hiss, mourning, waul, coo, remote, blackguard, caw, sigh, purr, whistle, squeak, outcry, hollo, tagline, honk, tear, grouse, popularize, snort, enunciation, suit, exclaim, petition, snuffle.

gasp, murmur, express mirth, mumble, whisper, laugh, mutter, whimper, express joy.

Examples of usage:

1) Porler flew into a rage when Mart started to cry. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) Many a time in the last few years Mrs. Maule had heard the cry, " If only you were free!" - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) Mrs. Maule gave a little cry. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.