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Spell check of bod

Correct spelling: bod

figure of speech, kind, course, cast, character, scout, inning, baby, fig, soul, shape, person, pattern, word form, man, figure, body, face, bodily, grade, wight, var., image, skeleton, human being, trope, cookie, skeletal system, phase, mannikin, human body, soma, contour, chassis, condition, body-build, pulp, underframe, party, physical body, material body, somatic, public figure, signifier, number, personage, individual, descriptor, specimen, slob, habitus, mortal, conformation, variant, design, bird, body image, being, general anatomy, society, name, class, anatomy, life, variety, head, stiff, sort, humanity, frame of reference, haoma, physique, strain, human, configuration, systema skeletale, framing, build, guy, manikin, manakin, folk, physically, mannequin, skeletal frame, frame, embodiment, egg, digit, customer, thing, fish, people, physical, duck, creature, form, flesh.

animal, beastie, brute, beast, critter.

Examples of usage:

1) Gi- i- i- v- ve me my bod- d- d- y- y! - "We Were There at the Oklahoma Land Run", James Arthur Kjelgaard.

2) They maun ken little wha ne'er heard the bod- word of the family. - "Marriage", Susan Edmonstone Ferrier.

3) Marbod, my companion's brother, was one of the strongest of our number, and we were obliged to force our way like chimney sweeps by pressing our hands and feet against the walls of the narrow rough crevice. - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.