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Spell check of bed

Correct spelling: bed

make love, harbor, bowl, seat, adjourn, recede, sleep with, underside, box, cognize, berth, merchant ship, single bed, furrow, rock, cope, cradle, love, backwater, have intercourse, A.A., recognize, fork out, crawl in, botanical garden, get along, cot, plot, embed, wrinkle, sofa bed, issue, hunch over, queen-size bed, c., flop, rump, go to bed, lie with, z's, hammock, fork over, stone, seam, deal, air bed, basis, grounds, channel, fold-away bed, whop, roll-away bed, doss, merchantman, underpinning, bight, protection, eff, chicane, hit the hay, B.A., area, bop, shut-eye, fundament, deliver, layer, bayou, backyard, crumb, experience, do it, make do, slumber, bonk, rest, contend, advanced degree, chouse, retire, bedpost, take, cram, sack, tail end, bunk bed, roost, strip, tail, strike out, withdraw, move back, hospital bed, sleep together, can, do, bassinet, tooshie, get it on, cascade, garden, hunch forward, mattress, bedside, bottom of the inning, double bed, backside, make out, drive in, cataract, batch, associate, bedrock, bury, pick out, king-size bed, catnapping, behind, bottomland, turn in, consummate, bedhead, derriere, draw back, four poster, pallet, live, 2.1, recognise, consumption, bunk, roll in the hay, spang, bang, fare, bottom, discern, 2.2, aquifer, go to sleep, crease, fill in, over, bottle, billet, slumbering, sack out, house, patch, allotment, bag, cognise, stratum, have sex, put on, buttocks, foot, retreat, base, steppingstone, planting, baccalaureate, jockey, complete, bachelor's degree, lodge, pull away, kip down, board, have a go at it, write out, slam, rack, lodging, bite, render, stern, fanny, manage, sock, have it off, hunch, mate, get by, pad, accommodate, spot, crib, lair, bedroll, dozing, level, couple, foundation, prat, bedstead, branch, entomb, nates, come, acknowledge, couch, hand over, fill out, hay, Associate of Arts, keister, cake, bestow, border, grapple, floor, line, crate, get laid, buns, posterior, be intimate, groundwork, put up, day bed, room, hit the sack, awareness, center, have it away, quarter, napping, rear, domicile, freighter, cheat, herbaceous border, crinkle, snoozing, flowerbed, bum, jazz, bash, have, neck, hindquarters, cut, enjoy, crash, resting, hump, kip, row, outcrop, footing, rear end, hind end, pull back, shaft, accommodations, know, ground, bower, confluence, bowlful, substratum, undersurface, put out, tell apart, fork up, distinguish, whap, repose, tush, associate degree, sediment.

insomnia, sleeplessness, wake, wakefulness, consciousness, surface.

Examples of usage:

1) She turned on the light and sat up in bed. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) I'm off t' bed! - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) Go back to bed, dear. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.