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Spell check of bumper

Correct spelling: bumper

brave, stellar, righteous, monumental, number one, hype, mighty, fantabulous, grand, numero uno, ignition, mammoth, abundant, gangbusters, immense, oceanic, keen, blue-chip, first-class, prize, marvelous, mega, corking, gilt-edged, fab, fantastic, blue-ribbon, supersized, dashboard, frontline, elephantine, sensational, herculean, massive, capital, galactic, fender, tremendous, steering wheel, Brobdingnagian, choke, mean, nifty, bearings, bonny, gearbox, vast, top-shelf, bully, cosmic, brag, humongous, groovy, primo, gone, high-class, generator, whacking, king-size, clutch, supersize, leviathan, classic, gearshift, hood, gargantuan, down, cylinder, horn, cracking, prizewinning, carburetor, protector, phat, giant, crackerjack, top, fan, piston, differential, accelerator, odometer, titanic, dandy, peachy, banner, noble, A1, speedometer, top-of-the-line, divine, superior, chassis, first-rate, shield, fine, peachy keen, shock absorber, exhaust, slick, radical, guard, cyclopean, par excellence, dynamite, whopping, astronomical, tip-top, supernal, beautiful, awesome, top-notch, A-OK, gigantesque, transmission, out-of-sight, brake, gear, enormous, sterling, choice, mountainous, great, lovely, first-string, jim-dandy, distributor, monster, famous, muffler, vasty, five-star, bang-up, jumbo, prodigious, terrific, super, top-flight, planetary, quality, defense, pharaonic, super-duper, prime, cool, manifold, topping, windshield, colossal, wizard, four-star, walloping, unsurpassed, monstrous, superb, Himalayan, fabulous, heroic, wonderful, splendid, superlative, boffo, neat, boss, swell, hot, gigantic, heavenly, cowl, spark plug.

Lilliputian, miniature, infinitesimal, smallish, dinky, micro, mini, minute, bad, midget, minuscule, awful, little, second-class, atrocious, teensy, bitty, teeny, half-pint, unsatisfactory, pathetic, teensy-weensy, undersized, diminutive, execrable, lousy, wretched, mediocre, bantam, little bitty, pint-size, pocket, teeny-weeny, tiny, substandard, petite, dwarfish, pygmy, poor, terrible, wee, vile, second-rate, rotten, inferior, low-grade, microscopic, middling, microminiature, puny, small.

Examples of usage:

1) Here's the champagne, and we 'll drink a bumper to her. - "That Boy Of Norcott's", Charles James Lever.

2) Now, boy," said he, as he cleared off a bumper from a large goblet, " I 'll give you some hints for your future, far more precious than this wine, good as it is. - "That Boy Of Norcott's", Charles James Lever.