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Spell check of chassis

Correct spelling: chassis

material body, radiator, dashboard, body-build, manifold, choke, kind, taillights, altimeter, undercarriage, exhaust, phase, flesh, pulp, airfoil, embodiment, conformation, bodywork, bearings, physique, gearbox, contour, class, variant, sort, figure of speech, image, odometer, human body, clutch, course, speedometer, skeletal system, number, generator, physical body, gear, design, crankcase, cowl, connecting rod, ballast, signifier, bull bar, muffler, differential, ignition, case, fan, frame, fender, distributor, manikin, systema skeletale, cylinder, transmission, condition, mannequin, trope, body, mannikin, bod, hood, descriptor, bonnet, configuration, accelerator, glove compartment, piston, cast, figure, gearshift, shock absorber, aerofoil, general anatomy, grade, brake, spark plug, aft, aileron, horn, form, frame of reference, camshaft, bay, inning, AWACS, soma, variety, bumper, word form, digit, carburetor, var., fig, avionics, haoma, pattern, build, windshield, crankshaft, name, shape, armor, public figure, black box, skeletal frame, habitus, axle, armour, framing, boot, manakin, skeleton, strain, underframe, anatomy, steering wheel.

Examples of usage:

1) Clutching his weapon the boy rushed to the door of the chassis tent and gazed out. - "The Boy Aviators in Africa", Captain Wilbur Lawton.

2) He bounded into the chassis and roused Ben and Harry. - "The Boy Aviators in Africa", Captain Wilbur Lawton.

3) But the majority of what they did not dare trust to the gas- bag they carried in the chassis. - "The Boy Aviators in Africa", Captain Wilbur Lawton.