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Spell check of front

Correct spelling: front

climate, classified, depend, mien, control, breach, bowel movement, defensive, campaign, alleyway, bleep out, confront, alley, croon, dishonesty, deception, clandestine, command, foul, chest, figurehead, supervise, coalition, arcade, head, setup, vanguard, independent, opposite, earlier, reckon, frontispiece, the Gulf Stream, event, look after, head-on, await, manage, take care, nose, girth, effort, atmospheric pressure, blind alley, calculate, catchment area, face up, color, confines, emplacement, nationalist, damp, impersonation, show, assonance, anticyclone, movement, bottom, depression, belly, see, corner, antecedent, in front, apex, precedent, ostentation, scarer, institution, car park, gable, dissident, artificiality, guest, drive, avant-garde, federation, leader, authority, wait, bevel, concentrate, alveolar, cockpit, trend, environment, pretension, lie, apolitical, former, rearmost, heart, battlefront, aspiration, behind, bump, edit, front line, position, circumstance, get on, smoke and mirrors, strawman, past, pretext, falseness, bearing, fraud, bet, backyard, edge, pretense, count, advance, misconduct, comportment, guild, special interest, watch over, bay, shadowy, motility, present, appear, summit, expect, flank, frontal, base, cape, anterior, counterfeit, cold front, previous, get, mannerism, false colors, veneer, bluff, nominal head, overlook, sing, chant, liberal, bring in, headmost, crusade, look, imitation, stage, campus, put-on, affricate, aspirate, front end, sit, dado, forefront, facade, structure, anchor, cloak, mask, frontward, apparent movement, dugout, preliminary, underground, look out on, air pressure, frontage, isobar, charade, disputed, vocalize, coastline, bipartisan, bank, hand back, bund, gimmick, abdomen, bird-scarer, brim, facing, seem, imposture, context, device, attend, bridgehead, edit out, move, clerestory, foul play, scarecrow, guile, presence, bm, secretive, frontmost, up front, back, point, confidential, in advance, foremost, baseboard, beachhead, beach, sing along, consonant, veil, coast, ministerial, pose, cloister, harmonize, close, apparent motion, forward, bureau, occupy, window-dressing, closed syllable, exist, bight, coloring, preceding, firewall, disguisement, body, gloss, advanced, scout, social movement, masquerade, situation, belong, battlefield, bow, deceit, drift, rear, onside, background, surreptitious, introductory, first, bastion, mysterious, stand, fakery, front man, lead, frieze, bilabial, foregoing, duplicity, run, secret, serenade, govern, disguise, sing out, club, offensive, basin, face, conditions, corruption, search, cover, buffer zone, cause, prior, state of affairs, semblance, straw man, freestyle, leading, guise, forgery, forepart, backhanded, set, belly button, fore, air, precede, close vowel, claim, double-dealing, affectation, offside, motion.

backside, subsequent, hinder, hindmost, dorsal, posterior, consequent, aft, rear, back, following, after, latter, succeeding, hind, rearward, concluding, back end, later.

Examples of usage:

1) It was left years ago in my front hall by- Richard's father. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Let me go in front of you. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Voltigeurs, to the front! - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.