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Spell check of acknowledge

Correct spelling: acknowledge

detect, cast, attest, aver, accommodate, accredit, assign, retort, proclaim, counter-accuse, value, curtsy, own, dispatch, owe, subscribe to, observe, salute, endorse, bed, assure, dig, discover, tell apart, propound, embrace, promise, declare, knowledge, pledge, profess, realize, set down, confirm, flip off, take on, come back, bow, have a go at it, make out, cite, intromit, return, sustain, certify, nod, expound, allow, recognize, include, express, shake hands with, note, receive, salaam, live, counter, countercharge, set, take, approach, accept, indicate, distinguish, get laid, brand, signal, be intimate, apply, remark, have intercourse, comment, present, concede, bonk, hump, appreciate, hug, notice, counter-reply, allow in, agree, vociferate, find, cherish, contend, testify, sleep with, smile, lie with, prize, submit, answer, have it off, connect, accost, counterclaim, refer, warrant, beckon, ascribe, state, agnize, pronounce, know, eff, thank, have it away, make love, sleep together, let on, confess, flag down, respond, support, high five, hand-wringing, spot, rebut, correspond, bang, recognise, explain, experience, post, point out, welcome, echo, hail, respect, counter-state, grant, deny, meet, place, let in, discern, roll in the hay, admit, avouch, avow, get it on, disclose, greet, verify, corroborate, uphold, have sex, fess, receipt, do it, realise, impute, see in, cognize, moon, reply, defend, jazz, respond to, claim, credit, attribute, fess up, refute, approve, validate, mark, affirm, kowtow, adjure, object, justify, maintain, pick out, attach, motion, agnise, react, ratify, cognise, hold, assert, wave, kiss, shout out, blame, love.

disavow, disclaim, hide, contradict, obscure, dissimulate, disallow, secrete, rebut, conceal, negative, disguise, veil, dispute, negate, disown, dissemble, repudiate, deny, mask, screen, gainsay, refute, cloak, reject, kid, cover.

Examples of usage:

1) " You will no doubt think that I should have kept away from you when I saw that my presence was not objectionable, and that our acquaintance would finally result in this," he said, coming back to the girl, and standing by her side, " but I could not; let me acknowledge my fault, and say that I am sorry for it. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

2) If the people did not acknowledge it, it was their loss, not hers. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

3) What would friendship be worth, if one had not the courage to acknowledge, and defend it when attacked. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.