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Spell check of credit

Correct spelling: credit

sway, understand, cite, contrivance, return, address, realization, confidence, in, declare, bank rate, computer address, reference point, receipt, wage, identification, bounty, credence, imagine, give, ascription, bank draft, good guy, ascribe, honor, trust, accreditation, acknowledge, laud, tally, lease, regard, income, homage, graduation, belief, sun, pull, surmise, appropriation, dissertation, acclaim, treasure, take for granted, charge account, alias, pawn, source, promote, suppose, close, conclude, advance, put faith in, suspect, acknowledgement, reckon, reliance, denotation, assume, cast, imputation, props, commendation, heft, APR, apply, pay in, repute, bank statement, endowment, borrower, charge card, respite, boast, extra, gather, ad-lib, reputation, gross, budget, denouement, consultation, recognition, presume, accolade, master class, action, recognise, reference book, bit part, bank book, attachment, wealth, doctrine, entrust, place, refer, pride, compensation, affirm, placement, BIPS, comparison-shop, prestige, think, believe in, net, content, dividend, quote, impute, honorable mention, accept, paper, account, application, act, gate, knowledge, blame, amount, weight, profess, reference work, goodie, crown jewel, aside, clinic, believe, assets, accredit, kudos, maintain, borrow, credit entry, citation, bond, distinction, attribute, assurance, brownie points, sublet, conspicuous consumption, applause, debt, cash flow, brand loyalty, laurels, point of reference, deferred payment, lien, bailout, mark, clout, respect, assign, loan, assent, jewel, debit, open, tab, extension, attribution, continuance, baddy, acquisition, bay, character reference, recognize, trophy, credit rating, change, opinion, blood money, bad guy, cameo, deem, reference, earnings, banking, bankroll, mention, profit, backstory, acknowledgment, chorus, admiration, coursework, caveat emptor, remuneration, assignment, brand, balance, authority, attach, comic relief, consumption, give faith, bank, creed, character, leverage, draft, judge, juice, praise, hold, quotation, realisation, set, compliment, mortgage, revenue, book of facts, course credit, salary, draw, module, connect, faith, conviction.

dishonor, stigma, distrust, impotency, doubt, discredit, incredulity, immediate payment, blemish, helplessness, blot, stain, denial, weakness, defect, eyesore, shame, cash, infidelity, skepticism, debit entry, misgiving, nonbelief, impotence, dissent, mess, debit, unbelief, fright, uncertainty, disgrace, smirch, smudge, mistrust, rejection, disbelief, suspicion, slur, powerlessness, horror.

Examples of usage:

1) He felt that she was a credit to him. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) It don't matter how much a man loves a woman, he don't love her in the right way unless she does him credit. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) With but a half- day's run to our credit, we were again stopped. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.