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Spell check of clear

Correct spelling: clear

lily-white, irradiate, doe-eyed, conduct, wrap up, garner, get back, cashier's check, respond, go through, lift, manage, dislodge, serene, dismissed, distinct, position, realise, evident, clean-handed, lucid, earn, beaming, idle, high-pitched, fix, establish, disentangle, excuse, get in, order, palpable, furrow, lightsome, flush out, distant, antenatal, cross, set free, unequivocal, unload, check stub, overhear, steadfast, end, default, fleet, blotchy, release, dupe, disinfect, pretend, patent, checkbook, angelic, exposed, wee-wee, discharged, swooning, actualise, solve, gather, clinical, carry through, remove, fool, high, vamoose, fulgent, watch, choke, percipient, exonerate, zero, undecided, unmistakable, exonerated, unfastened, translucent, accused, fall, net, pass by, vivid, sane, displace, light-colored, consume, finish, effuse, elapse, hazy, make water, unencumbered, soak up, well-adjusted, tip, deep-set, slide by, prosaic, customs, exculpate, veritable, seduce, indubitable, lambent, unobstructed, expire, light up, light-headed, undefiled, simon-pure, assimilate, pop off, hyaline, explicit, obvious, crystalise, stark, weak, unfrosted, alert, limpid, sharp, overt, blotch, overtake, untarnished, nascent, shave, fair, range, go past, elementary, give notice, weed out, abscess, nonambiguous, absorb, overdue, tripping, excrete, luminous, ex gratia, shining, go off, get to, circumnavigate, exempt, undoubted, acquit, unobjectionable, unadulterated, transparent, invite, pull through, drop dead, decisive, smooth, assort, direct, off-duty, win, decided, dispatch, go by, derive, bloodshot, crystallize, crystal, unclutter, surpass, unstopped, sort out, untroubled, make pass, clearly, beautiful, cook, immaculate, away, glib, fickle, let loose, express, plain-spoken, sop up, launder, easy, enlighten, shake, partition, micturate, well-defined, approve, hightail, clean, understand, unapologetic, vindicate, receptive, clean-living, perspicuous, sack up, prime, pellucid, unblocked, squeaky, innocent, work, free, pee-pee, lapse, untainted, croak, brighten up, tidy, terse, boil away, spend a penny, eject, lined, plaintive, undefendable, collect, cash, set down, communicate, get through, nett, lite, consistent, recognise, categorical, introduce, lick, hold, glide by, irrefutable, jumpy, plain, promiscuous, finish with, wakeful, total, calm, dark, authorise, build, sunshiny, unadorned, abrasion, drop, lustrous, low-cal, liquidation, bedazzling, bald, recover, crumple, uncluttered, semitransparent, crystalline, produce, candescent, fire, see-through, transcend, edify, stool, bubble, reform, bring, chiseled, pass off, benefit, do, get ahead, empty, redraw, straighten out, neat, substantiate, pass away, give, the whole way, trim, mop up, equal, incontrovertible, get, basic, still, abandoned, clement, clear-thinking, radiant, empower, pardon, calorie-free, sanguine, open, boil up, quiet, forgive, trig, thinking, show up, perfect, terminate, combination, shrug off, break, ordinary, draw, fight off, blemish, hazel, view, cleared, circumvent, stop, defray, deciding, competing, bounce, falter, uncrowded, blameless, pull, incur, unsubtle, open air, visible, slip away, antimalarial, sporting, honest, refined, good, crystallise, casual, extraterritorial, go on, chaste, reopen, suck up, permit, coherent, induce, self-explanatory, take in, articulate, bear, folksy, evaporate, kick the bucket, unclogged, agnize, vindicated, ringing, short, illume, legible, scrub, unalloyed, gather in, understandably, seeable, pure, absolved, implicit, take a leak, turn over, unclouded, well-spoken, uncontaminating, childlike, force out, flawless, deflate, gleam, conk, spare, snuff it, spend, extravasate, incontestable, lightheaded, straightforward, sterilize, brighten, allow, check, broad-spectrum, precise, avenge, equable, splendid, cheque, decipherable, clean-cut, drop off, guiltless, return, level, black eye, broad, neaten, monolithic, abstemious, austere, straighten, sound, assailable, wee, emancipate, die, correct, draw in, vanish, crease, out-of-doors, flash, heal, dissolve, thin, cause, all the way, unpretentious, hightail it, close, go away, strike, skedaddle, spotless, inculpable, ease, hollow, undiluted, irreproachable, unsnarl, undetermined, top off, attract, reedy, hand, milky, hit, fluent, assured, pardoned, perish, creaky, undeniable, slang, fade away, agnise, aboriginal, pull in, blank, profit, sure, discernible, unclosed, advance, close-run, manifest, give-up the ghost, crystal clear, boil, prepare, go across, expressive, crown, prima facie, guide, relieve oneself, cash in one's chips, receive, filmy, extract, rainless, sack, incandescent, calloused, constitute, antibacterial, formative, secrete, out, discipline, iron out, sanitize, flat, emit, definite, reset, available, windless, square away, clarify, detour, refulgent, vacuous, muster out, legislate, travel by, tidy up, blunt, bring in, overstep, bloodless, overhaul, conspicuous, top out, hyaloid, bug-eyed, effloresce, revive, make, unqualified, slack, hourly, exceed, make up, bake, subdued, have, heart-to-heart, convinced, loquacious, put on, break through, underemployed, artless, irrefragable, fresh, break down, suck in, brilliant, resounding, clean up, discerning, gain, pass on, sporty, evacuate, complected, vacant, outright, simple, thorough, doubtless, liquid, wanton, lighten, open-and-shut, wash, freckled, classify, unpack, approach, crystalize, refute, bright-line, eloquent, gain ground, liquidate, authorize, shiny, fetch, mandate, isolated, bright, deserted, gull, diaphanous, come to, outermost, scram, deliver, perceptible, subject, bloom, figure out, frontier, come about, cope, indivisible, imbibe, dazzling, sweep away, make headway, generate, make sense, identifiable, paid-up, charged, intelligible, audible, egest, make believe, get together, clear-cut, remote, disengage, sink, exude, take place, absolve, put one over, complete, fall out, lonely, distinctly, resolve, loose, metallic, purge, blister, purebred, take up, definitive, fundamental, overcome, uncomplicated, void, significant, grant, basal, slip by, outspoken, informal, send away, unpoetical, decease, readable, succinct, comport, unresolved, frank, luculent, observable, self-evident, get out, wide awake, positive, fine, put down, see the light, evanesce, throw, progress to, score, take off, recognize, clearheaded, beady, sheeny, cloudy, apparent, compound, surface, see, piddle, chequebook, dismiss, reach, primary, full, go along, take, in-depth, give the sack, sweep, stimulate, fire up, purify, bedsore, cloud, unambivalent, separate, put one across, illuminate, outlying, lay down, cloudless, unaccented, shed light on, lead, realize, create, absolute, essential, round, unrepentant, discharge, athlete's foot, happen, hap, irreducible, catch, cross-eyed, put right, inaccessible, cocksure, plunder, disappear, unimpeded, take a shit, avoid, virtuous, blank check, stainless, faint, impeccable, lighten up, trusting, primal, wipe, uninfected, close in, blatant, gross, pinch, web, light, check card, tolerate, make it, tip up, mitigate, noticeable, strengthen, sportsmanlike, complexioned, indisputable, pronounced, set, exit, confident, sluttish, boil over, put across, cleanse, lucent, give the axe, unblemished, unsullied, outdoors, decent, undefended, bald-faced, apologize, cashless, name, salient, white, sinless, nonrefundable, bionic, crisp, fade, bare, adopt, get off, blackhead, utter, certain, against, top, carry off, buy the farm, finish up, dead, run, go, unmarked, surmount, understandable, survive, compensatory, cross-border, pass, far, PPC, atomize, pull ahead, cease, acquire, comprehensible, sleepy, arrive at, nurse, puddle, illumine, remorseless, take a crap, blow over, close-set, derelict, sunny, atomic, perceivable, candid, capable, unquestionable, construct, filter, opened, behave, scant, assoil, effulgent, carry, nominate, reprieve, devolve, class, eliminate, polish off, can, expel, occur, form, turn out, with-it, unambiguous, cod, ingest, move in, puzzle out, revealing, creep, deport, unmortgaged, faultless, conclude, compos mentis, specific, foundational, ready, hotfoot, exhaust, elemental, impenitent, trenchant, transude, work out, opaque, exculpated, last, aseptic, sort, handle, intelligibly, attain, unopposed, befool, actualize, extend, unsophisticated, pass water, elucidate, bolt, finish off, ca-ca, amortize, scabby, liberate, barefaced, honorable, apart, touch, clear up, glowing, glassy, cleanhanded.

breezy, pale, bounce, lackluster, darksome, glazed, hindered, dirty, hangdog, debatable, darkish, impassable, muddy, incomprehensible, nebular, gated, smoggy, constricted, controversial, noncommital, lightless, pitch-dark, impalpable, obfuscated, indecipherable, miasmal, somber, milky, threatening, trammeled, unlit, palish, stormy, tenebrous, wavering, harsh, dusky, jammed, bind, imprecise, indecisive, clutter, smoky, undecipherable, plugged, filmy, sunless, doubtful, frosted, obstructed, turbid, dense, inclement, lightproof, semiopaque, convict, glaucous, confused, refutable, pitch-black, disputed, indefinite, vaporous, bleak, gray, stuffed, indiscernible, vague, uncleared, inconclusive, unintelligible, cryptic, indicted, unfathomable, nasty, impeach, dark, impeached, closed, light-tight, confusing, doubtable, inculpate, miasmic, heavy, perplexing, indeterminate, stopped, unsure, diffident, mysterious, dim, compel, equivocal, unclouded, blurred, charge, blocked, convicted, dubious, sullen, lowering, raw, obscure, uncertain, cloudy, sketchy, turbulent, nebulous, dimmed, unknowable, clutter up, gusty, cloudlike, shut, slippery, squally, blamable, fogged, cloud, hesitant, impure, rainy, blackened, enigmatic, unapparent, cloud-covered, nonobvious, gauzy, darkened, indictable, solid, blustery, clouded, censurable, milklike, troubled, shady, blockaded, leaden, obligate, rough, encumbered, opaque, barricaded, severe, imperceptible, blustering, culpable, questionable, fogbound, illegible, unfree, inappreciable, murky, oblige, shadowy, foul, foggy, clogged, disputable, mirky, unassuming, brumous, insensible, undiscerning, cramped, punishable, subtle, debated, impeded, soupy, guilty, darkling, gross, condemned, whitish, tempestuous, shamefaced, ambiguous, imperfect, accused, interfered, hazy, qualified, unreadable, condemn, moot, tinted, indistinct, gloomy, puzzling, colored, overcast, accuse, dull, shamed, impeachable, dammed, ill-defined, hampered, problematic, blameworthy, unclear, obscured, misty, vacillating.

Examples of usage:

1) Again she turned her clear eyes on the judge's face, " Yes, I can." - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) My head is clear now. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) I want you to make yourself clear to me. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.