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Spell check of deny

Correct spelling: deny

reprobate, relegate, recant, echo, evacuate, defect, dissolve, jilt, cancel, excise, emit, extinguish, boycott, withdraw, evict, backslide, reverse, deep-six, disallow, exile, justify, control, eradicate, expel, conflict, reply, disagree, return, rebuff, withhold, blank, remove, controvert, impugn, disacknowledge, delete, seep, defend, defy, repudiate, confute, blacklist, denounce, deal with, curb, spew, doubt, reject, abnegate, oust, neglect, excrete, veto, object, belie, disapprove, cross, curtail, restrict, constrain, lop, contradict, come on, get across, disavow, disagree with, rejoin, come off, bottle up, abrogate, master, disclaim, rebut, keep back, disqualify, invalidate, eject, neutralize, turn away, expound, cut, oppugn, challenge, respond, disaffirm, block, disprove, repulse, call, exhaust, disbar, exude, clip, snip, conceal, pass over, sweep, nix, discard, scrap, discredit, react, restrain, ignore, negative, blackball, counterwork, shirk, excommunicate, jettison, repress, check, abolish, belch, counterbalance, invert, disincline, disown, vent, turn down, dismiss, revoke, refuse, disconfirm, shed, affirm, abandon, expatriate, betray, eliminate, dispute, decline, recall, bar, span, retort, traverse, overturn, get over, explain, extradite, suppress, shear, prohibit, cut through, contravene, obliterate, pass up, disgorge, prevent, trash, efface, manage, undo, deport, forbid, oppose, abdicate, vomit, track, junk, amputate, clamp down, resist, acknowledge, hold in, discharge, oppress, disbelieve, exclude, nullify, disdain, retract, erupt, renounce, cull, dive, gainsay, subvert, cut across, refute, cover, answer, destroy, preclude, bobble, crop, banish, spurn, repeal, desert, outlaw, chop, proscribe, abjure, secrete, parry, negate, drain, divorce, annul, inhibit, forswear, accept, ostracize, ban, chop down.

accord, defend, assert, allow, concede, acknowledge, authenticate, warrant, furnish, aver, commission, avow, own, license, assent, embrace, vindicate, confirm, sanction, uphold, let, permit, announce, maintain, adopt, grant, substantiate, agree, cherish, hold, accede, OK, accept, recognize, verify, corroborate, give, claim, profess, supply, provide, authorize, espouse, retain, afford, acquiesce, affirm, consent, submit, vouchsafe, validate, proclaim, confess, declare, advocate, admit.

Examples of usage:

1) I don't think anyone could deny that who ever saw them together. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) " I deny it absolutely," he cried, " and even if it were true I shouldn't care! - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) She's too much afraid of not telling the truth to deny it in her letter. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.