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Spell check of confines

Correct spelling: confines

cutoff, leashes, extremities, afflicts, excludes, chastens, region, corrects, incarcerates, cap, check, skirting, bump, margin, rims, bounds, borderline, edging, ends, extent, crucifies, shackles, traps, evicts, borders, marge, term, envelops, pillories, apexes, bevel, end, gaols, boycotts, separates, terminus, insulates, breadth, terminuses, burdens, coops, hinders, limit, coolers, border, avenges, moderate, collars, skirt, fences, territory, frame, maximum, rejects, vises, lambastes, fetters, tethers, judges, contains, extirpates, anguishes, disciplines, blacklists, sentences, range, ostracizes, bound, sequesters, pounds, jailhouses, landmark, cages, fringe, secludes, perimeter, castigates, scope, deadlines, enclosure, frontier, width, ejects, trammel, strongholds, cordons, boundary, corner, edge, reprises, compass, tries, zeniths, deports, binds, expels, prisons, rim, ousts, ceiling, removes, contain, line, periphery, punishes, constrains, sweep, dimension, blackballs, curb, segregates, encompasses, base, throttle, encloses, circumference, reformatories, agonizes, brim, maximums, restrain, closets, persecutes, imprisons, corrals, inhibits, bourne, boundaries, expatriates, pinions, pens, eliminates, brink, limitations, controls, apex, screens, restriction, marches, termination, surrounds, country, edges, terrain, cloisters, fines, locks up, reach, covers, confine, embraces, disbars, constraint, restrains, impounds, excommunicates, dungeons, deadline, penitentiaries, impedes, hold, restraint, verge, hem, tortures, straight jackets, bridles, back, penal colonies, lockups, constricts, restricts, cutoffs, realm, restrict, executes, stockades, banishes, irons, exiles, jails, zenith, keeps, handcuffs, acme, extradites, encircles, bottom, chastises, restrictions, condemns, penalizes, distresses, holds, oubliettes, limitation, barrier, detains, amplitude, cells, control, isolates, extremity, hold in, ambit, detaches, manacles, brigs, bourn, alienates, limits, size, keelhauls, harnesses, fringes, reform schools.

inner, middle, interior, land, heart, center, inside, region, core, within, territory, citadel, estate.

Examples of usage:

1) With sudden tenderness,- a feeling that seemed to reach forth to the uttermost confines of desolation,- she gently wiped away the tears, and then, bending, kissed him on the brow. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) My cage confines me round, Abroad I cannot fly; But, though my wing is closely bound, My heart's at liberty. - "Letters of Madam Guyon", P. L. Upham.

3) Her manner towards myself was that of one who would have liked to be familiar, but lacked the confidence; and doubtless her perpetual hovering on the confines of a liberty arose out of some slight acquaintance she had had with Evie in the days of her business training. - "The Debit Account", Oliver Onions.