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Spell check of flat

Correct spelling: flat

glossy, recurrent, imperative, prosaic, bank, alcoholic, D, glazed, robot-like, cross section, regulatory, edgeless, categorical, on-the-spot, matter-of-fact, unseasoned, effervescent, total, homogeneous, suite, denominational, bight, room, informal, low, tiring, grating, invariable, bantering, rough, mute, matted, inexpugnable, car crash, harmonious, hubcap, crotchet, fast, damped, drab, watery, blindside, chart, beach, clog, bluesy, closed, downright, slow, wearying, set, unreserved, plane, perpetual, square, collision, stable, classical, crosstrainer, spiritless, hard, satin-smooth, sure, heavy, adagio, uniform, straighten, perfect, noneffervescent, direct, banal, pedestrian, stark, absolute, marble, featureless, central, ho-hum, cape, politic, continuing, carbonated, undeviating, breadbox, all-out, milk-and-water, stodgy, tight, perpendicular, deadly, bread bin, frictionless, cleats, blank, frozen, clef, flattened, exact, duplex, fallen, boot, plumb, regressive, bass clef, aerodynamic, flatcar, chunky, immediately, bar, light, silenced, bland, slick, damned, dulled, two-dimensional, bedsit, indubitable, bodacious, AC, atonal, unrelieved, broadside, crib, deck shoe, polished, coherent, aquaplane, prostrate, limited, horizontal, jading, steady, blunt, ponderous, unwavering, andante, flat-out, unexciting, like a shot, catchment area, unstimulating, savorless, change, curve, silky, concentric, Midland, hourly, muffled, at once, dry, double flat, mind-numbing, unvarying, level, recumbent, spreadeagled, plain, unbroken, unconditional, cake tin, tenement, instantly, decaffeinated, beat, stumpy, flavourless, bachelor apartment, really, punctured, milquetoast, categoric, consecutive, unimaginative, flatly, continual, certain, fed up, varnished, cotton-picking, determinate, funky, extended, dreary, chord, gapless, unchanging, slithery, aseptic, entirely, thin, clean, bang up, dreadful, angular, accident, overdue, unfolded, colorless, accommodation, colors, slilken, raised, complete, perennial, monotonous, lifeless, monotonic, sharp, unbounded, slip-on, bored, now, hub, compressed, interminable, repeated, tame, un-intermittent, weak, cashless, straight-out, consistent, forthwith, radial, condo, clear, right away, adenoidal, unsavory, unending, digs, burnished, tonic, non-resonant, listless, unremitting, thoroughgoing, lying down, bulbous, sterile, shiny, tabular, dead, headlong, matt, cyclical, straight off, alternating current, established, halting, sleek, breathy, excite, arid, accommodations, do, colloquial, gibbering, unraised, everlasting, directly, self-regulatory, taste, acoustic, trivial, unlimited, consummate, velvety, monolithic, undying, bent, coolbox, appealing, murky, unconditioned, regular, utter, even, matte, disembodied, humdrum, ex gratia, bar graph, sequential, completely, monotone, governing, full-bodied, indefatigable, hard-and-fast, smoothly, planar, prone, muddy, tasteless, arr., asymmetrical, upright, con amore, chromatic, axis, basin, allegro, fruity, unqualified, thoroughly, coordinate, active, well, arrant, stone, compensatory, round, solid, flatbed, settled, connected, discordant, crashing, suave, lodging, bottom, pure, corked, bachelor pad, unenthusiastic, typical, right now, lusterless, desert boot, world-weary, break down, block graph, condominium, absolutely, apathetic, ceaseless, satiny, paid-up, utterly, indifferent, coastline, unalloyed, blase, insipid, dormitory, totally, clodhoppers, endless, restless, caddy, unequivocal, tiresome, grip, flavorless, uninspired, flange, continuous, slippery, inner tube, simple, remould, purely, strappy, dim, lasting, blowout, old, design, precise, sheer, flatten, brownout, A, numbing, fixed, monochromatic, drudging, blooming, brokenly, decumbent, structural, bay, bass, diatonic, weary, PPC, unadulterated, unceasing, arc light, supine, wearisome, harmonic, croaky, multidimensional, arc, boring, final, cookie jar, structured, repetitive, unerect, minor, smooth, leaden, flush, unshaded, incessant, tedious, glassy, can, profound, outright, flat tire, streamlined, suddenly, uninteresting, brittle, bald, cartwheel, big, cowboy boots, vertical, B, mat, savourless, unpleated, habitual, diagram, underdeveloped, C, bar line, coast, constant, charge, major, earthbound, persistent, definite, fully, bund, apartment, firm, unleavened, fair, erect, positive, stale, deflated, brogues, straightaway, black, dusty, nonrefundable, straight, straight away, procumbent, prairie-like, fluent, mild, seamless, concave, deep, namby-pamby, thorough, tied, canister, squat, con brio, unchangeable, promptly, undeniable, dull, lacquered, short, out-and-out, very, breakdown, sprawled, lackluster, stuffy, unmitigated, nonstop, drinkable, deadened, jejune, Birkenstock, bell curve, rank, tiered, Baggie, vapid.

engaging, attracting, mesmerizing, enthralling, vertical, approximate, astounding, keen, bedazzling, unsettled, refulgent, changeful, open-ended, riveting, lambent, undulating, slick, changeable, thrilling, piquant, glimmering, delicious, rousing, spellbinding, indefinite, bumpy, coarse, fulgent, distasteful, flavored, dubious, flickery, candescent, pocky, amazing, lucid, radiant, animating, hilly, palatable, near, glazed, flavorsome, imprecise, moving, capricious, sharp, fluctuating, flavorful, questionable, shiny, absorbing, seasoned, unidimensional, entrancing, cloying, toothsome, natural, wondrous, sparkling, buffed, pitted, breathtaking, uncertain, erect, perpendicular, brilliant, cubic, one-dimensional, stirring, contrasty, diverting, marvelous, beguiling, electrifying, gleaming, heavy, attractive, savory, mawkish, eye-opening, broken, doubtful, beaming, bright, hair-raising, exciting, captivating, surprising, arresting, alluring, entertaining, slanting, sapid, rich, twinkling, galvanizing, unspecified, upright, inspiring, loathsome, satiny, charming, indirectly, satin, interesting, stimulating, wavy, tantalizing, variable, silky, disgusting, lumpy, provocative, energizing, shellacked, glinting, qualified, spicy, lucent, exhilarating, pockmarked, burnished, varnished, unstable, fluid, brightened, uneven, lacquered, effervescent, incandescent, sleek, unpalatable, glittering, active, tasty, unpredictable, equivocal, silken, amusing, rugged, relative, fabulous, rolling, modulated, suspenseful, mercurial, slippery, unappetizing, dazzling, substantial, scintillating, lustrous, warped, unsteady, mutable, engrossing, undulatory, touching, intriguing, polished, delectable, fascinating, effulgent, rough, spectacular, invigorating, rip-roaring, glossy, gripping, unsmoothed, awesome, comparative, racy, pungent, tasteful, enlivening, luminous, sloping, enchanting, negotiable, linear, sensational, inclined, poignant, three-dimensional, temperamental, wonderful, irregular, adjustable, restricted, rubbed, inconstant, shimmering, bewitching, meaty, astonishing, resplendent, volatile, inexact, thick, involving, shining, glistening, sickening, appetizing, gemmy, unaligned, glowing.

Examples of usage:

1) It was a heavy blow, and Darrow fell flat on his face. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) It was lying on that flat rock. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) The Crevequers lived in a flat at the top of a tall pink house. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.