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Spell check of float

Correct spelling: float

aftermarket, adrift, swash, bus, jetty, work, wander, go down on, chai, wash, bear market, breakdown truck, muck up, blow out, blow, bear, stray, bid, propound, swim, bumble, roll, stand out, change, bungle, drift, bait, quai, platform, sail, drift net, levee, vaunt, ambulance, vote, cockpit, bodge, air bladder, buoyancy, denominate, err, skim, afloat, gasconade, bondholder, stumble into, bollocks up, display, crawl, botch, range, decoy, raft, stick out, brag, ride, propose, tout, pilot, bobble, mess up, develop, mishandle, cider, camper, pontoon, advance, shove along, bollix up, ease, fluff, churn rate, put forward, slither, ice-cream soda, suggest, boast, broker-dealer, toss out, mount, base currency, cell, jump out at, maneuver, fellate, dominate, tumble into, basket, work out, scale, cross-selling, swim bladder, prosper, dance, chance, fall into, chocolate, quill, elevate, louse up, customer care, botch up, take off, foul up, dart, drifter, ATV, skid, common currency, be adrift, put before, bearish, gas, buyer's market, improvise, burn out, ascend, put forth, detail, buttermilk, screw up, direct marketing, cork, exhibit, shoot, function, all-terrain vehicle, shine through, slide, navigate, bluster, ball up, decimalise, rove, freewheel, plasterer's float, bid price, cast, currency, glide, brew, come off, cappuccino, creel, dragnet, bullish, club soda, plunge into, fumble, creep, soar, vagabond, cruise, rise, bollix, wharf, credit rating, 4WD, shape up, landing, cold call, plunge in, angostura, flotation, buoyant, drop back, entry, car, trail, americano, roam, fly, bull, bull market, rush into, drown, escalade, flub, move, barb, call, fishing rod, bureau de change, slip, quay, bitters, meander, pier, lift, fishing line, buoy, spoil, fall behind, shoot a line, levitate, ramble, squander, leap out at, ice-cream float, camper van, swan, shove off, guide, convertible, dawdle, waste, decimalize, climb.

go down, sink, go under, settle.

Examples of usage:

1) This was arranged to do the duty of a float and a drag. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) You can't float around town in the Middle West like you was attending a house party and get away with it. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) I had no idea where to go to find him, so I pulled over toward the hills on the east shore, where there was a slow current, and concluded to float down the stream. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.