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Spell check of fealty

Correct spelling: fealty

conformity, conformance, subordination, worshipfulness, servility, Christianity, cultism, surrender, agreement, devoutness, vassalage, piety, slavishness, submissiveness, commitment, duty, fidelity, constancy, homage, sisterhood, reverence, fastness, inferiority, devotedness, respect, holiness, submission, acquiescence, acceptance, humbleness, piousness, willingness, resignation, assent, docility, humility, esprit de corps, regionalism, obedience, obligation, genuflection, serfdom, steadfastness, meekness, deference, adhesion, sanctification, attachment, tribalism, fulfillment, yieldingness, adherence, capitulation, consent, faithfulness, religiousness, complaisance, troth, dedication, lowliness, obeisance, subjection, affirmation, prayerfulness, superstitiousness, subservience, loyalty, servitude, dutifulness, sanctimoniousness, devotion, allegiance, continue, concurrence, solemnity, faith, compliance, dogmatism, observance.

faithlessness, alienation, estrangement, perfidiousness, falsity, infidelity, unfaithfulness, disaffection, treason, treachery, sedition, falseness, disloyalty, rebellion, separation, inconstancy, perfidy.

Examples of usage:

1) A conference of fifteen hundred delegates convened in Dublin by the Irish Trades Union Congress, in adopting a resolution to resist Conscription " in every way that to us seems feasible," asserting " our claims for independent status as a nation in the international movement and the right of self- determination as a nation as to what action or actions our people should take on questions of political or economic issues," called upon Irish workers to abstain from all work on April 23rd as " a demonstration of fealty to the cause of Labour and Ireland." - "The Evolution of Sinn Fein", Robert Mitchell Henry.

2) He considered himself bound in duty to the authority under which he had lived all his previous life and to which he had sworn fealty. - "Makers of Modern Medicine", James J. Walsh.

3) A time had come when he had been charged with absolute duplicity toward her, and she had scornfully wagered her life on his fealty and submitted the whole vital matter to one question. - "The Tempering", Charles Neville Buck.