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Spell check of drift

Correct spelling: drift

import, array, fellate, indifference, mishandle, usage, impulsion, grade, bowel movement, hurl, blow, mound, err, fumble, sweep, roll out, assert, crux, swan, disposition, digress, adjustment, slip, bobble, cheat, aberration, vary, leeway, cat, shoot a line, fluff, change, blow away, bodge, throw off, impulse, purpose, become, lay out, stray, vomit up, float, tide, rank, aim, bollix, refract, gas, twine, chuck, windblown, chance, propulsion, rush into, navigate, purport, surge, roll, wash, flub, relevance, throw up, mould, pile, goal, message, signification, flow, fall behind, pyramid, drop, cause, effort, go into, mistake, roam, puke, mess up, jog, tumble into, throw, route, botch, mountain, travel, gravity, ramble on, verandah, motility, put, rate, bungle, trek, pluck, shake off, deflect, browse, gist, tenor, avow, thread, crusade, aver, lump, shove along, movement, bm, stream, diverge, set out, head, thrust, swash, diffraction, louse up, dawdle, verify, conduct, change into, cuckold, betray, impetus, reform, upchuck, heap, waste, definition, botch up, flap, indication, race, gad, cast off, alteration, plunge into, crawl, implication, ramble, pasture, departure, veranda, meaning, subject, tout, hustle, flux, undulate, climb, vagabond, upshot, swear, voyage, blow out, ball up, progress, affirm, deviate, gallop, tend, rove, significance, peregrinate, graze, leaning, dart, wind, bluster, divagate, divergence, subtext, picture gallery, creep, project, social movement, stumble into, object, blow off, gallivant, draw, pith, pad, shed, bumble, traipse, propensity, speed, glide, regorge, run, blow over, bank, freewheel, contrive, range, intent, purge, shove off, maneuver, diversion, description, current, be sick, scope, drive, connotation, wheel, move, explanation, point, ease, bollix up, bias, campaign, front, wall, spoil, trend, push, honk, crop, retch, diversify, redact, header, hasten, denotation, trudge, blow down, sick, substance, diffract, foul up, footslog, bearing, outpace, vogue, throw away, effect, direction, motion, course, convert, line, guide, improvise, wad, vomit, tendency, intention, mass, depart, fall into, trail, disgorge, deflection, pilot, turn into, fly, stir, burn out, spirit, screw up, hurtle, seethe, stack, muck up, topic, content, bollocks up, cheat on, shift, journey, frame, style, roll up, inclination, plunge in, cast, charge, go down on, cruise, be adrift, end, heading, warp, art gallery, spew, hill, tone, vaunt, squander, place, apparent movement, bar, slog, wave, slide, mold, set, subway, meander, wrap, plod, wander, shake-up, sense, turn over, sail, drop back, transformation, order, spue, variation, straddle, gallery, correction, boast, trickle, coast, refraction, weave, tunnel, alter, tack, apparent motion, deviation, brag, swim, interpretation, proneness, bent, revolve, gasconade, evolution, couch, regurgitate, digression.

Examples of usage:

1) Drift entered and covered us. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) There had been little drift. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) " I'm not quite sure I see the drift of that," he said. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.