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Spell check of fly

Correct spelling: fly

deer fly, firefly, make off, locust, boll weevil, chigger, baulk, zap, dragonfly, run, balk, vaporize, gasify, collar, blow, silverfish, cry, ground out, accompanied baggage, strike down, navigate, belt, bloodsucker, boost, decoy, abandon, travel, katydid, dash off, break out, clear out, double, airfare, bank, chirp, millipede, barb, coattails, go through, tiger moth, brood, tent-fly, cut down, vault, tsetse fly, occur to, alight, drift net, down, jump, get away, come down, come off, melt, centipede, buttonhole, repetition, baggage allowance, cheep, arm, ram, career, ant, beat, bluebottle, aerial, tick, gnat, speed, jet, cicada, batboy, sneak up, drift, vanish, captain, horntail, tent flap, prosper, glide, dawn, break, run away, abscond, think, coo, scarab, flitter, shoot off, bait, hurdle, bat, midge, scorpion, fishing line, hump, hare, bivouac, catch, breast pocket, sprint, air rage, air mile, function, escape, yellow jacket, hop, supervene, bundle, absquatulate, hasten, vaporise, hightail, armhole, butterfly, chase, blow down, scurry, chinch, disappear, run off, hotfoot, ball boy, ball girl, creel, blow off, flea, earwig, hurry, whirl, base, eject, dissolve, evanesce, campground, flutter, baggage storage, float, step, blaze, scoot, sail, weed, lure, rustle, blow away, bustle, hit, mosquito, drive, bee, fleet, alert, lam, bookworm, airlift, dragnet, fly front, explosion, camper van, wing, airline, bodice, bedbug, dive, caw, bucket, may fly, climb, camper, aphid, louse, zoom, ballpark, rip, free, race, zip, occupy, fly sheet, rainfly, bib, hoist, at bat, fruit fly, soar, fell, shape up, dung beetle, bomb, bolt, wasp, whiz, hurl, flit, clear off, careen, flee, grasshopper, depart, charge, skip out, outpace, festinate, flash, scour, tear, plane, hie, foul, chatter, drop, hide, cockpit, hold up, work, flare, cannonball, whisk, take flight, botfly, care label, take off, stir, skim, nip, retreat, develop, ditch, ladybug, buzz, airlink, fly ball, flap, wave, camp out, rocket, bound, housefly, bug, stand up, praying mantis, work out, windblown, bunt, go, blowfly, get out, breeze, ball, skip, black widow, June bug, campfire, drifter, strike, motor, baseline, hustle, gallop, termite, highball, horsefly, hurtle, scuttle, fishing rod, tarantula, haste, cricket, spider, rush, surge, cockroach, spring, fade, dash, skedaddle, leap, pass, course, stinkbug, camp bed, trot, move, bowl, mantis, daddy longlegs, turn up, blast, decamp, nit, pilot, pelt, baseball, go away, blow over, aerify, evaporate, dart, beetle, moth, dematerialize, baggage check, camp, gadfly, aviate, sink, bug out, barrel, mite, shoot.

creep, poke, loiter, dare, hang, hang around, arrive, dwell, stroll, remain, emerge, crawl, unalert, lumber, dally, linger, drag, appear, face, beard, dawdle, slow, saunter, lag, decelerate, stick around, amble, break out, stay, plod, brave, shuffle, unwatchful, show up, confront, unvigilant, come out, issue, materialize, return, dillydally, defy, come back, loom, tarry, abide.

Examples of usage:

1) If she could only fly up instead of down! - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) In my thoughts we should fly- fly! - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) He would feel it in his soul and fly to them. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.