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Spell check of violate

Correct spelling: violate

disparage, thwart, misdirect, gap, corrupt, pervert, divulge, wrong, vitiate, wear out, lay waste, sacred, bilk, pamper, flub, botch, strip, develop, spite, traduce, recrudesce, erupt, raid, attack, snap off, bankrupt, break, harry, bumble, tamper with, give way, loot, fail, cocker, enchant, debauch, deconsecrate, founder, contravene, wound, part, infract, hurt, meddle, harm, despoil, upon, enthral, appall, snipe, fumble, pause, injure, barrage, get around, mishandle, slander, scandalize, separate, blow, outrage, pique, break out, appal, break up, kick downstairs, frustrate, break away, lash, clean, foil, encroach, enrapture, resist, scorch, hit, debase, give, interrupt, break-dance, dishonour, go bad, break in, revile, religion, disobey, fluff, let out, misuse, itch, trespass, round, flay, bruise, sack, ill-treat, deflower, assault, defame, defile, demoralise, ransack, louse up, mar, fight, bungle, weaken, assail, plunder, fracture, victimize, lunge, invade, scathe, come apart, flout, riot, mollycoddle, indulge, combat, baby, vituperate, force, savage, coddle, break down, disgrace, bust, pound, vilify, overstep, rifle, spoil, muck up, abuse, bring out, damage, bobble, scarify, transport, offend, die, reveal, degrade, attaint, go, set on, trounce, burst, fall apart, lash out, charge, expose, delight, batter, give out, hammer, storm, cross, intermit, unwrap, check, bollocks up, foray, scandalise, poach, botch up, reave, mess up, wear, soften, split, subvert, go against, conk out, defy, intrude, persecute, breach, featherbed, enthrall, transgress, dishonor, foul up, ill-use, damp, misemploy, bollix up, stop, desecrate, dampen, shock, pillage, split up, strike, profane, unhallow, maltreat, discontinue, pollute, buck, malign, smash, get out, deprave, better, impair, sin, fall in, ruin, demote, collapse, shame, impinge, rail at, bombard, baffle, infringe, ravish, let on, screw up, scotch, ball up, do, discover, bump, disrupt, demoralize, aggrieve, bollix, reproach, cosset, relegate, cave in, slash, disclose, thrust, give away, bodge, break off.

consider, surrender, mark, dedicate, listen, honor, eulogize, note, watch, cherish, praise, respect, applaud, sanctify, conserve, hear, tend, comply, yield, heed, submit, laud, bless, obey, benefit, shield, cleanse, consecrate, conform to, extol, panegyrize, mind, serve, favor, observe, regard, attend, care for, notice, purge, sustain, uphold, conform, protect, hallow, follow, vindicate, defer, purify.

Examples of usage:

1) Its main principle, it is true, is this: " Every man," says Smith, " as long as he does not violate the laws of justice, is left perfectly free to pursue his own interest his own way, and to bring both his industry and capital into competition with those of any other man or order of men. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) They were enemies in some respects, and yet once the indefinite understanding had been arrived at neither seemed to have the slightest fear that the other would violate it. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) You can't get away from nor violate this rule of compensation. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.