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Spell check of guide

Correct spelling: guide

fill, teach, superintendent, deal, schoolmistress, authorize, die, leader, film, melt down, happen, accept, hightail it, transport, bunk, adopt, organise, contribute, submit, luff, contain, sentinel, bear, pioneer, acquit, attendant, reach, eliminate, glide by, exceed, lecture, make, go past, pull back, occur, eviscerate, watch, consult, learn, return, betoken, head for the hills, slip away, carry, level, move, get, run for, transcend, hunt down, race, egest, calculate, study, scout, puff, spotter, precede, channelize, shrug, captain, escape, give, schoolmaster, note, elapse, get out, go across, subscribe, recommend, kick the bucket, describe, usher, drift, transmit, mark, look at, counsel, hand, line, break away, communicate, inculcate, go along, drill, demand, work, depict, courier, beckon, instructor, orient, template, notify, admit, deport, wink, give-up the ghost, coach, drag, shoot, place, modernist, point out, attract, organize, take place, function, steer, leave, overhaul, assume, quarter, guard, sharpen, prevail, brief, warn, talent scout, signal, professor, spirit, remove, school, require, fade, pull, consider, transfer, lease, hap, pathfinder, repoint, make it, pass away, turn tail, take in, direct, engineer, guardian angel, gesticulate, lookout, fleet, take up, counselor, target, reap, rent, extend, advocate, pass on, advise, trace, lean, subscribe to, address, read, pass off, authorise, put across, lapse, fall, overtake, educator, drive, bring, control, pack, brand, ply, postulate, manoeuvre, spend, hold, maneuver, pull out, go through, clear, top, guru, educate, prompt, admonish, draw, show, suggest, companion, bleed, involve, symbolize, disembowel, guardian, lecturer, cue, acquire, convey, soak up, cherub, strike, gesture, sink, designate, string, draw off, convoy, alert, campaign, sentry, imbue, tutor, track down, conductor, mastermind, unravel, teacher, enlighten, overstep, confer, select, excrete, lam, instruct, tag, lookout man, indoctrinate, go on, pull in, ticket, templet, cruise, bespeak, thread, float, imbibe, shepherd, slide by, manoeuver, guidebook, incline, charter, inform, take away, example, guide on, model, demon, caution, head up, pop off, devolve, run away, motion, comport, label, jockey, doorkeeper, orchestrate, force, taper, conduce, die hard, carry on, black market, scat, route, mentor, course, come about, suck up, snuff it, lead, flag, evanesce, contract, advisor, wave, melt, fall out, take to the woods, draw and quarter, conduct, go by, pilot, execute, scarper, point, blow over, make pass, legislate, ingest, fly the coop, consort, nudge, explorer, consume, croak, absorb, edify, run, operate, necessitate, have, claim, be given, tend, endure, denote, hunt, angel, surpass, daemon, take out, delineate, pass by, exact, turn over, chair, ask, result, flow, impart, get hold of, trainer, drop dead, choke, head, exit, take aim, channelise, travel by, pass, vanguard, tie, picket, play, go, director, stamp, perish, navigate, master, send, call for, sop up, instill, design, ladder, feed, indicate, encourage, choose, archangel, cast, aim, use up, pick out, slip by, behave, decease, engage, need, cash in one's chips, moderate, take, sail, occupy, persist, conk, take on, draw in, expire, pattern, headmaster, buy the farm, range, hire, escort, withdraw, charge, channel, nod, train.

Examples of usage:

1) I let Dr. Cook have one of my Indian hunters, who knew every foot of the country around there, for a guide. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) " Well, it is certainly not safe to go far away from the vessel," declared Billy Manners, " and I think if I do I will be sure to take Jack along as a guide." - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.

3) I could not tear myself away though my guide grew impatient. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.