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Spell check of excite

Correct spelling: excite

call down, shake up, burden, wake up, foment, move, raise up, hinge upon, provoke, force out, finish up, ride, rouse, stir up, disturb, load, tease, elicit, encourage, exhilarate, wind up, annoy, rev, impassion, switch on, animate, work up, enthuse, precipitate, trigger, spur, stir, attract, intensify, randy, pump up, institutionalise, wake, awaken, shift, tear, depend on, thrill, cauterize, astound, jar, fuse, induce, level, commove, anesthetize, get off, spark, activate, goad, end up, make, drive, galvanize, anger, incite, throw off, hot, blame, persuade, bring about, trip out, frisky, catch, succuss, propel, evoke, trip, motivate, disquiet, rock, file, rush, commit, wind, drive out, incline, sway, energize, put forward, amaze, titillate, affect, desire, hasten, arouse, have, didder, invoke, catheterize, buck, cause, bring up, enkindle, influence, dilate, agitate, fluster, charge, bring back, crusade, madden, attend, electrify, hinge on, set off, depend upon, press, consign, jolt, pique, accelerate, bestir, kindle, compel, raise, shoot, delight, bear down, intoxicate, bandage, conjure, fire, lodge, finish, touch, warm, bump around, conjure up, campaign, enliven, anaesthetize, interest, brace, waken, inflame, get going, institutionalize, energise, awake, infuriate, send, budge, fetch up, dazzle, judder, reorganize, prod, shoot down, strengthen, stimulate, inspire, lead, land up, come alive, impel, invigorate, bleed, call forth, urge, egg on, escape from, carry away, bring out, get, saddle, worry, point, fluff up, plump up, draw, want, ignite, irritate, appoint, shake off, actuate, vex, push, convulse, touch off, dispose, revive, start, turn on, perk up, chill, devolve on, shake, accuse, instigate, intrigue, rout out, fight, reorganise, prompt, bother, bill, bypass, charge up, power, excited.

discourage, appease, mollify, lull, dissuade, quieten, tranquillize, stifle, dishearten, pacify, calm down, deter, inhibit, dispirit, jade, tranquilize, pall, deject, calm, dampen, placate, still, weary, bore, hinder, subdue, demoralize, soothe, quiet, tire, tranquillise, impede, prevent, restrain.

Examples of usage:

1) But none of them, little indeed that Plantin ever produced, now excite much desire on the part of collectors. - "Fine Books", Alfred W. Pollard.

2) The defence that she did not really want to see him, that his presence might bring on some bad attack, might excite her, was no real defence. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) Don't excite her too much- otherwise the company's the best thing in the world for her. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.