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Spell check of arid

Correct spelling: arid

ponderous, wearying, slow, stuffy, bone-dry, leaden, monotonous, lifeless, numbing, wild, moistureless, mind-numbing, rainless, dried-out, parched, dull, desiccate, jejune, trivial, colorless, dried, tiresome, desert, stale, deserted, boring, monochromatic, humdrum, treeless, tiring, sterile, drudging, sun-baked, dreary, tedious, flat, unexciting, uninspired, prosaic, unimaginative, old, dusty, ho-hum, tame, flavorless, waste, anhydrous, lusterless, saharan, spiritless, excite, dehydrated, bare, droughty, heavy, thirsty, uninteresting, weary, wearisome, dry, matter-of-fact, drab, waterless, desiccated, desolate, pedestrian, lackluster, aseptic, earthbound, jading, stodgy, sere.

fascinating, astounding, watered, inundated, swamped, stimulating, awash, flooded, attractive, waterlogged, tantalizing, washed, absorbing, dank, touching, alluring, engaging, soaked, wet, exciting, exhilarating, overflowed, energizing, dripping, enchanting, interesting, engrossing, diverting, spectacular, deluged, watery, astonishing, sodden, drenched, inspiring, sopping, eye-opening, saturated, captivating, amusing, surprising, rousing, suspenseful, marvelous, intriguing, soggy, rip-roaring, hydrated, mesmerizing, lively, bewitching, amazing, stirring, humid, wonderful, animating, drowned, attracting, bathed, spellbinding, breathtaking, soaking, riveting, entrancing, doused, moist, beguiling, enlivening, thrilling, enthralling, soppy, arresting, wondrous, fabulous, galvanizing, submerged, poignant, involving, awesome, gripping, invigorating, entertaining, charming, damp, soused, electrifying, moving, hair-raising, provocative, sensational.

Examples of usage:

1) Larry's eyes filled as he looked off over the arid plains. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) It is a wretched spot- arid and desolate, and inhabited by a race of hideous and miserable human beings. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.

3) " I'll get some water," I said, looking helplessly around at an arid country road. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.