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Spell check of central

Correct spelling: central

supreme, meaningful, master, mid, inherent, informal, centrally, vital, premier, primal, metaphysical, median, telephone exchange, leading, axial, serious, primeval, mezzo, nuclear, interior, centrist, asymptotic, commutation, mean, arch, center, half-and-half, rally, prior, equidistant, built-in, midmost, underlying, highest, centered, cardinal, middle-of-the-road, sovereign, major, number one, prime, centric, numero uno, component, internal, first, inland, fundamental, core, structured, heart, greatest, established, astride, bisecting, aboriginal, middling, inwoven, edge, middlemost, mediocre, exchange, orthodox, grand, implicit, bifocal, visceral, inside, peripheral, convenient, overbearing, self-regulatory, innermost, intrinsic, intermediate, essential, necessary, of import, amidship, inseparable, midway, popular, bicentric, middle, convergent, structural, deep down, ingrained, subjective, principal, primordial, overmastering, inner, dominant, accessible, pivotal, capital, unalienable, profound, important, average, half, interchange, conceptual, regulatory, inward, deterministic, predominant, integral, crucial, focal, substitution, theoretical, utopian, governing, big, great, centralized, outer, primary, paramount, main, intestinal, intermediary, preeminent, tiered, rudimentary, centrical, geocentric, nonconformist, medium, mediate, left, significant, left-hand, inmost, overriding, abstract, flat, basic, elemental, halfway, medial, key, chief, primaeval.

fringy, dissenting, least, reactionary, insignificant, negligible, farthest, provocative, subordinate, instigating, provoking, extremist, circumferential, off-base, furthest, leftist, slight, progressive, excessive, outermost, incendiary, outmost, furthermost, fanatic, fomenting, collateral, encircling, inconsiderable, subversive, radical, revolutionist, rabid, trifling, inciting, remotest, inflammatory, minor, unimportant, marginal, liberal, inconsequential, peripheral, revolutionary, exciting, violent, secondary, outer, agitating, skirting, last, subsidiary, inferior, extreme, ultra, conservative, trivial, utmost, rabble-rousing, farthermost, rightist.

Examples of usage:

1) The central pack was farther away, but on it rested several suspicious black marks. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) He thought the new society would eventually be able to do without any central authority, but not at first, nor for a considerable time, the length of which could not now be more precisely determined. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) The next morning he sailed for England again, and I was left behind to join Knowlton at the Grand Central Station at five o'clock, when the Limited was to leave that should carry us to Deep Harbor. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.