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Spell check of drab

Correct spelling: drab

jading, racy, pearly, colourless, unrelenting, sombre, distressing, tan, gloomful, coconut, dark-skinned, lamentable, begrimed, wearying, good-for-nothing, unkempt, silvery, moody, no-account, low, sterile, relentless, sorry, lead-gray, monochromatic, smoky, dowdy, benighted, serious, profane, mole-gray, drear, dun, blueish, dry, olive-drab uniform, neutral-tint, naughty, arid, blasphemous, dismal, stale, dapple-gray, pearl-gray, uninspired, cafe au lait, gamey, good-for-naught, unimaginative, slow, dirty, gamy, battleship-gray, grisly, jejune, murky, dispirited, dour, mordant, dull, lusterless, black, flavorless, cinnamon, drudging, non-white, aristocratical, sick, down, excite, gray, sedate, cocoa, unappeasable, coffee, no-good, tiresome, chocolate, gentle, macabre, aristocratic, tawny, mousy, walnut, pitiful, puritanic, stodgy, stuffy, sour, ponderous, unexciting, aseptic, partridge, nut brown, down in the mouth, ashen, bluish, low-spirited, sinister, slovenly, glooming, obscure, dreary, hazel, raunchy, dusty, saturnine, puritanical, sullen, frumpy, blue-blooded, forbidding, pedestrian, tacky, regretful, prosaic, unconsolable, numbing, brown, salt-and-pepper, biscuit, umber, gun metal, unplayful, grim, juicy, old, boring, copper, lifeless, uncheerful, grimy, spicy, wearisome, sober, gruesome, earthbound, uninteresting, sad, unforgiving, flat, unfashionable, melancholy, deplorable, ho-hum, somber, inexorable, heavy, blue, taupe, downcast, morose, dark, grave, cheerless, tiring, dim, dingy, khaki, tedious, no-count, burnt almond, bad, depressed, grizzled, downhearted, weary, acorn, sepia, solemn, chestnut, meritless, ghastly, monotonous, iron-gray, frowzy, glum, trivial, muddy, colorless, olive-drab, spiritless, colors, humdrum, lackluster, risque, mind-numbing, glowering, grubby, grungy, disconsolate, stern, tame, patrician, matter-of-fact, muddied, fawn, leaden, coloured, gloomy, brunette, auburn, inconsolable, sulky, toast.

moving, exhilarating, arresting, gripping, involving, colorful, sensational, spellbinding, colourful, tantalizing, engaging, hair-raising, astounding, wonderful, alluring, attracting, electrifying, bewitching, surprising, energizing, spectacular, mesmerizing, beguiling, stimulating, riveting, invigorating, fabulous, rip-roaring, enchanting, diverting, entrancing, provocative, animating, intriguing, stirring, absorbing, poignant, amusing, entertaining, breathtaking, captivating, enlivening, marvelous, engrossing, fascinating, rousing, wondrous, suspenseful, amazing, charming, neutral, astonishing, achromatic, inspiring, attractive, touching, awesome, interesting, lively, enthralling, thrilling, eye-opening, cheerful, exciting, galvanizing.

Examples of usage:

1) The sky was heavy and drab. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) In his drab coat with its black velvet bands, with his shirt, on which the high lights have been applied, slightly open at the throat, Holbein himself seems to stand before one as in life. - "Holbein", Beatrice Fortescue.

3) It is all very respectably drab here, and we talk of intellectual and proper things. - "From Edinburgh to India & Burmah", William G. Burn Murdoch.