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Spell check of fix

Correct spelling: fix

lay down, engender, mickle, square off, establish, impress, sop, effect, impact, arrive at, cap, dress, plot, piddle, comb, take in, submit, reinstate, initiate, rectify, steer, rank, jackpot, score, calm, dumbfound, develop, location, plug, sterilise, resort, indemnify, hatful, beat, butter, help, bank, backhander, realise, bring in, fixation, correct, difficulty, bind, draw, seat, pigeonhole, wait, realize, drive, nightmare, sire, trammel, box, bushel, localisation principle, make up one's mind, see, embed, mass, relieve oneself, pin down, pull in, implant, fixedness, localization, fetch, mountain, battle, stamping ground, mess hall, judgment, sight, cakehole, affix, mire, postpone, quite a little, anchor, amend, construct, unsnarl, impose, restrict, fructify, hoax, revise, darn, alter, muckle, slew, state, unsex, give, tranquilize, problem, get to, mold, rabbit hole, prepare, schematize, answer, batten down, guarantee, entrench, group, connect, subside, localisation, tie, groom, educate, grade, scram, cast, relate, orientation, procure, intend, set, prescribe, pay, square up, right, assessment, gear up, locate, frame, come to, pay off, nail down, micturate, throw, think back, renovate, assign, heading, ingrain, take a shit, support, root, predicament, golf hole, batten, bear, localise, stamp, stimulate, seduce, carve, take, addiction, localisation of function, wee, jell, limit, prank, neutering, arrange, peg down, tragedy, take a leak, peck, gob, castrate, shape, ensure, specify, capping, puddle, becalm, particularise, posit, moor, swamp, reconstitute, spate, way out, stool, make water, abuse, lay, lodge, bargain, make up, bottom out, batch, plant, insert, affect, change, emplacement, surmount, mending, suffer, mediate, mother, prepared, compromise, integrate, barbershop, class, cheat, deal, messiness, gravel, decree, specialise, handle, program, blow up, pin on, slumber, sic, set apart, sleep, become, process of elimination, train, restore, desex, graft, classify, form, stupefy, furbish up, wangle, have, congeal, press, do up, tamper, schedule, engage, couple, design, raise, agree, neuter, secureness, MARKS, buy off, cumshaw, muss, compensate, ordain, bearing, restitute, throttle, install, work out, place, instate, settle down, scheme, set about, dock, maintain, fixity, trouble, get through, cope, recompense, come, generate, revivify, regular, vet, flock, quagmire, map out, crush, set out, launch, remember, dodge, heal, attain, ready, stipulate, hit, insure, or else, appraisal, jamming, clip, control, stress, adjust, evaluation, put up, make believe, inscribe, narrow, screen, expose, settle on, circumscribe, aim, tidy sum, categorize, mare's nest, get, spay, stick, reach, comb out, perplexity, touch on, tack together, pertain, over, rear, obtain, braid, remedy, crackhouse, climb, beget, kettle of fish, pass water, countersink, desexualize, fasten, fastness, plan, corner, relive, pap, remediate, electronic jamming, manage, collate, focus, trap, put forward, fix up, experience, prime, dream up, attach, rejuvenate, jumble, harmonize, ordeal, organize, requite, lay out, subterfuge, hustle, hollow, blanch, go, animate, holdfast, ploy, start, concern, reanimate, progress to, altering, bear upon, finalize, instal, baffle, tie down, resolution, found, pin, earn, pee-pee, crack den, grave, cold turkey, localization principle, convey, pile, rate, rationalize, revamp, define, build, grow, systematize, go down, value judgment, postulate, crisis, work, acquire, think ahead, quiet, ensconce, spot, delimit, good deal, stratify, delineate, vegetate, pickle, put, cause, situate, sustain, chart, dirty tricks, pitch, put back, haunt, gain, qualify, stand, recall, specialize, coif, quandary, wee-wee, impute, the N.S.P.C.A., pack, welter, redress, commence, rest, smother, falsify, yap, estimate, plight, start out, oblige, great deal, fastening, effectuate, trick, get under one's skin, dilemma, doctor, typeset, stack, dependence, rehabilitate, perplex, bust, amends, raft, impasse, organise, find, narrow down, overhaul, bake, fetter, repay, arrive, spend a penny, patch, decide, join, amaze, locating, conclude, refer, bring forth, position, appraisement, watch, bewilder, localization of function, nominate, direction, photograph, erect, heuristics, fastener, mark time, get up, wedge, mint, determine, shrug off, name, unify, sticky wicket, fudge, blow-dry, hold, ensnare, stop up, doctor up, find out, mess, butcher, cheapen, recondition, set up, destine, negotiate, vaccinate, repair, misrepresent, influence, jam, piece, comedown, localize, constitute, assure, sift, rearrange, move, bear on, restrain, blame, recreate, rig, backcomb, tighten, clear, marshal, devise, rattrap, settle, induce, secure, fuddle, mark, structure, particularize, ca-ca, nonplus, capture, forgiveness, get down, methodize, blend, etch, cornrow, overcome, reparation, balance, revive, produce, touch, incur, take a crap, pause, boodle, pose, passel, redeem, muddle, recollect, let, contract, fixate, sterilize, put together, positioning, bring forward, puzzle, butchery, flummox, mussiness, geld, bone, put in, cure, fit, compel, buzz off, machinate, maw, clean, vector, coiffe, regenerate, check, draw up, ruse, regulate, dictate, beat down, time, improve, cook, habitue, put off, compose, plenty, sort, catch, pay back, lot, coiffure, bring, tack, condition, subordinate, catch-22, sophisticate, make, mystify, the ASPCA, fixture, shackle, desexualise, reproduction, stagnate, copy, type, entrap, reschedule, normalize, tune, receive, course, arrest, wad, do, ascertain, manipulate, array, stay, rich, vindicate, appraise, designate, solution, liquidate, carry off, infix, bugger off, go under, delimitate, avenge, placement, clutter, dispose of, wreak, assemble, heap, create, mend, bound, bounce back, come out, pretend, constrain, heel, reward, engrave, begin, imprint, attune, fake, crimp, reestablish, vex, chill, stabilize, quicken, vivify, inclination, head, confine, build in, father, separate, learn, order, still, fixing, reconstruct, hangout, orchestrate.

free, unbind, bust, set free, untie, loose, unfasten, unloose, break.

Examples of usage:

1) If yer don't I'll fix ye, see? - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) I cannot fix any time before that day. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) Can't ye fix up that oul craither's head a bit? - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.