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Spell check of blueprint

Correct spelling: blueprint

strategize, invent, preparation, cast, premeditation, scheme, invention, practice, frame, approach pattern, purpose, layout, scene, propose, charcoal, pattern, plan, planning, landscape, ground plan, shape, devise, arrangement, contrivance, form, lay out, rendering, diagram, chart, cartoon, formulate, coordinate, draft, formula, civil engineering, portrait, innovation, arrangements, drawing, depiction, program, road map, figure, master plan, excogitation, project, traffic pattern, engineering, water color, conspiracy, coordination, picture, anticipate, architecture, idea, plot, anticipation, outline, arrange, draught, painting, pastel, architectural, lay, game, illustration, masterpiece, premeditate, system, schema, tracing, strategy, radiation pattern, aim, map, conceive, dope out, work out, convention, conception, normal, contrive, tactic, proposition, designing, expectation, study, landscape architecture, doodle, sketch, game plan, rule, still life, elevation, expect, planned, design, muster in, intention, intend, radiation diagram, intent, set out, feng shui, agreement, enlist.

Examples of usage:

1) You simply made the thing according to a simple blueprint. - "The Sword", Frank Quattrocchi.

2) And, using this as a blueprint, let us see how we can establish it in this modern world, in which modern agriculture is flourishing. - "Down-with-the-Cities", Nakashima, Tadashi.

3) You do not need a step by step blueprint, Anton, that is why you have been chosen for this assignment. - "Border, Breed Nor Birth", Dallas McCord Reynolds.