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Spell check of command

Correct spelling: command

restrain, act, manipulate, play, owned, ascertain, absolutism, grasp, teaching, mightiness, instruction, overlook, oversee, command post, boast, keep in line, royalty, prevail, title, contain, superintendence, competence, mandate, subordinate, see, control condition, rear, conn, prowess, leave out, reign, perspective, the armed forces, puissance, oppress, contingent, rein, notification, division, fiat, direction, empowerment, vigor, warrant, credential, enjoin, verify, program line, come in at, ascendence, require, want, acquit, involve, omit, didactics, vanguard, despotism, camp, brigade, empower, moderate, ask, coordination, superiority, expertise, platoon, cost, ultimatum, dominate, look out over, vista, enjoy, lookout, charge, tender, call for, over, clout, supremacy, leadership, ban, postulate, execute, tower above, master, bid, pedagogy, need, run, bear, rule, assure, expect, superintend, panorama, proclamation, precedence, better, stature, captain, motivation, precede, sway, predominate, do, ensure, conduct, client-server, injunction, facility, manage, energy, acquittal, revocation, battery, enactment, pressure, precept, enfranchisement, outlook, compulsion, regulation, constraint, enforce, unit, kingship, dictate, energize, jurisdiction, award, colocation, decree, account name, ascendance, cogency, education, mold, look across, rate, curb, imposition, subordination, prohibition, triumph, harness, steam, center, hold, ascendancy, citation, C in C, order of the day, empire, tend, cavalry, tyranny, compel, sector, connect up, conquer, bidding, corps, rank, dictum, instruct, boss, pilot, potency, rouse, squad, order, head, backdrop, EDI, operate, requirement, power, oversight, sovereignty, word, words, scene, overshadow, countermand, statement, company, vanquish, tell, purview, canon, grip, battalion, fort, bridle, sight, writ, advance guard, push around, miss, supervision, post, imperative, dictation, affirmation, domination, importance, summons, tax with, powerfulness, set back, hold in, headquarters, administration, boss around, birthright, presidency, affect, argument, seem, supervise, army, authority, demand, coercion, coordinate, mastery, prestige, authorize, prejudice, viewpoint, faculty, behest, Lord, will, eclipse, drop, death grip, lead, see to it, surmount, air power, garrison, administer, force, interdiction, clutch, bar, management, greatness, pull, government, license, airborne, dominance, look after, look out on, influence, wear, ability, bias, right, authorization, order around, work out, entitlement, predominance, group, control, IQ, discipline, annul, govern, end system, caveat, steer, preside, commission, possess, financial statement, overtop, proscription, request, commandment, oligopoly, prepotency, win, requisition, arm, motivate, educational activity, privilege, prerogative, view, strength, seniority, helm, subpoena, neglect, prescript, law, punch, ascendency, Ethernet, controller, mastership, call, overcome, grow in, pretermit, strengthen, might, prospect, direct, the Coast Guard, regiment, proficiency, database server, detail, ordinance, necessitate, restraint, take, exaction, assertion, headship, bristle with, watch over, insure, extranet, monopoly, succeed, overleap, invigorate, primacy, edict, check, office, buy, base, detachment, have, directive, dominion, air force.

submit, proposal, impotency, comply, weakness, urging, impotence, yield, obey, incompetence, powerlessness, plea, suggestion, unfamiliarity, ignorance, recommendation, appeal, entreaty, petition, illiteracy, helplessness, incompetency.

Examples of usage:

1) If Kali did not command them to be cut down, the Wahimas would think that Kali is not king. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) He's in command of a moving body in space just like the captain of a ship. - "The Love of Frank Nineteen", David Carpenter Knight.

3) Acton, however, made him a sign of command. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.