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Spell check of center

Correct spelling: center

inwardness, core group, capital, base, converge, affectionateness, interior, focalize, centralise, warmheartedness, common snapping turtle, nerve centre, ticker, tenderness, fondness, cluster, shopping centre, nexus, totality, boil down, centerfield, amount of money, optic, pore, ground zero, midsection, union, concentrate on, midriff, sum of money, core, mean, bring together, soul, root, subject matter, rally, sharpen, sum, half, concentre, revolve about, content, mecca, reduce, attract, middle, snapper, rivet, internal, concenter, effect, midway, crux, eye, inner, center on, mall, nerve center, heart, consolidate, philia, affection, circle round, mediocrity, meat, shopping mall, axis, halfway, mettle, centre, kernel, bone marrow, medial, piazza, revolve around, hub, marrow squash, meet, edge, axle, omphalos, centrist, center of attention, innermost, marrow, nerve, quick, epicenter, sum total, focus, pivot, intersect, cynosure, nucleus, draw together, nub, burden, spunk, median, plenum, magnetic core, internality, epitome, midpoint, midst, amount, start, locus, perfume, substance, intensify, summation, half-and-half, forum, message, lodestar, oculus, deepest, polestar, condense, center around, circle around, shopping center, focus on, means, heart and soul, digest, warmness, channel, inmost, focalise, rendezvous, join, decoct, lure, essence, headquarters, collect, spirit, meaning, center field, nitty-gritty, aggregate, cracker bonbon, middle-of-the-road, pith, average, bottom, seat, central, medium, unify, magnet, crossing, gist, navel, pump, total, vegetable marrow, unite, contract, intersection, combine, bosom, gather, nubble, place, stub, centralize, plaza, concentrate, promenade, funnel, gathering, bottleneck.

reactionist, perimeter, rim, rightish, far left, bound, reactionary, peripheral, right, right-wing, circumference, old-line, left, periphery, left-wing, left-of-center, rightist, far-right, conservative, leftist, liberal, leftish, boundary.

Examples of usage:

1) And suppose at noon the center of the sun was directly over you, i. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.

2) One of their early churches, a simple, frame structure built in 1791, still stands near the center of the community. - "Frying Pan Farm", Elizabeth Brown Pryor.

3) He advised the Fairfax County government that the land and school buildings be established as a youth center. - "Frying Pan Farm", Elizabeth Brown Pryor.