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Spell check of grip

Correct spelling: grip

percipience, embrace, grab, rein, cameraman, purchase, suitcase, domination, captivate, traction, anchor, brim, skew, carryall, barrette, reach, understanding, skid, bottom, dance, control, comprehend, art director, mesmerize, directorial, force, mandate, tap, brief case, bum bag, gripe, corner, cope, purse, motivate, dominate, gaffer, arm, sway, blow dryer, detainment, management, dish, pocketbook, make do, satchel, touch, contend, government, auteur, perception, float, back, time lag, bump, wallet, leadership, reign, remould, curling iron, beguile, mesmerise, duffel bag, contact, cabin baggage, hairgrip, impale, clinch, keep, spike, udder, bag, wait, becharm, slide, command, retain, apprehension, transfix, overtake, storage area, carpetbag, holdall, adhere, kit, comprehension, snag, haversack, handgrip, sovereignty, intrigue, accompanied baggage, bewitch, bluescreen, clench, curler, clutch, valise, master, cinch, get by, appreciation, cincture, bobby pin, handling, affect, cargo area, knowledge, wrench, handle, magnetise, make out, delay, discover, enamour, death grip, slither, decide, enamor, ensnare, bevel, supremacy, handhold, portmanteau, have, lead to, discipline, take, filmmaker, postponement, cartwheel, capture, hubcap, animator, vise, grapple, interest, traveling bag, grasp, gladstone, give, backpack, edge, coordination, cargo deck, inspire, color, squeeze, adhesive friction, flat, cup of tea, spellbind, hang on, dazzle, rucksack, helve, fastening, clutch bag, stir, catch, attache case, inner tube, dye, clamp, dominion, carry, magnetize, charge, bald, law, cradle, ear, trance, flange, baggage, fascinate, govern, mastery, best boy, will, secure, comb, entrap, hold, power, cargo hold, ligature, pat, empale, apex, rule, haft, briefcase, enthuse, enclosure, seize, director, deal, detention, base, hold tight, slip, hub, savvy, authority, clutch pedal, direction, knob, compass, greatness, carry-on, trunk, apprehend, knapsack, influence, take hold of, monopoly, brush, custody, hold on, charm, lay hold of, range, oligopoly, coordinate, handbag, attract, luggage, conditioner, clutches, clasp, excite, glide, might, entrance, radial, direct, bagful, enchant, fixing, fist, prowess, manage, commission, confines, batch, old bag.

impotency, throw away, misperception, miss, lose, release, let go, fall short of, relinquishment, helplessness, misapprehension, give up, powerlessness, weakness, misinterpretation, restore, incomprehension, impotence, misunderstanding.

Examples of usage:

1) Then Robert Kater looked at them with glittering eyes, and his shaking hand shut upon them, crushing the bank notes in a tight grip. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Gina's terror, the wild night, the storm in the air, caught hold of Betty with an insistent grip. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

3) We were on the scene at a safe distance, each with a tight grip on his gun, expecting the bear to make a sudden plunge. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.