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Spell check of commanding

Correct spelling: commanding

unconditional, first, forceful, domineering, supervising, steering, conquering, sure-fire, administrative, swaying, sure, piloting, kenspeckle, catchy, star, overseeing, triumphing, top-ranking, dogmatic, overlooking, authoritative, powerful, autocratic, mastering, positive, uppermost, directing, feasible, remarkable, ranking, tyrannical, unequivocal, champion, signal, despotic, invigorating, grasping, master, arbitrary, superintending, arrogant, controlling, effectual, imperative, paramount, quintessential, A-1, budding, mighty, bettering, rousing, most, above, dramatic, flamboyant, eminent, authoritarian, high, holding, motivational, authorizing, rosy, empowering, furthermost, best, vigorous, sovereign, healthy, chosen, king, heading, bossy, zenith, masterful, succeeding, administering, preeminent, prevailing, reigning, regnant, primary, senior, principal, ascendent, puissant, dominating, peremptory, lording, harnessing, topmost, ordering, bright, energetic, marked, effective, elevated, powering, important, lordly, exacting, governing, supreme, strengthening, prime, biasing, consequential, overcoming, impressive, absolute, managing, influential, dominant, winning, arresting, affecting, enforcing, surmounting, gripping, striking, pressuring, coercive, consummate, dominative, influencing, elite, imperious, vanquishing, bossing, predominant, up-and-coming, lead, coordinating, head, haughty, upper, overbearing, bridling, showy, likely, foremost, choice, headmost, noisy, prominent, aloft, compulsory, high up, oppressing, potent, chief, over, bold, charging, prejudicial, leading, presiding, high-powered, energizing, better, formidable, dictatorial, furthest, preponderant, top-level, ruling, pronounced, emphatic, predominating, strong, maximum, motivating, irresponsible, top, supereminent, splashy, grabby, compulsive, premier, ascendant, conducting, subordinating, crowning, competent, magisterial, eye-catching, bodacious, brilliant, high-and-mighty, disciplining, conspicuous, executing, superior, promising, prejudicing.

ductile, concealed, conditional, quiet, hidden, lenient, dim, lesser, under, constitutional, limited, submissive, accountable, faint, ancillary, subordinate, subdued, toned-down, obscure, undistinguished, shrouded, lower, coadjutor, secondary, unflashy, less, simple, responsible, assisting, second, unpretentious, unnoticeable, modest, unremarkable, subsidiary, complaisant, unemphatic, lowly, unobtrusive, docile, junior, muted, insignificant, conservative, low, understated, deputy, inferior, meek, compliant, plain, unassuming, inconspicuous, assistant, humble, unimportant, last, contingent, yielding, mild, restrained, gentle, subtle, unaffected.

Examples of usage:

1) You talk about commanding but that demands strength. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

2) A hoarse cry rang after him, commanding him to stop, but this was on the whole a consolation, for it did not seem likely that Slaney was badly hurt if he could shout, and Thorne rode on with a laugh. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) This was a position of the highest importance and of the most commanding influence. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.