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Spell check of bid

Correct spelling: bid

machinate, attender, beg, cite, evoke, aspired, claimed, quote, suggestion, concession, donation, pass, control, shout, dramatic play, call up, drama, give, exhort, prognosticate, importune, squall, ask for, playing period, caper, appeal, fling, press, present, gift, entreaty, plea, statement, care, cabal, name, address, petitioned, gambling, demand, tax with, provide, cutter, telephone, turn, bullish, call for, inquired, put forward, claim, bash, ask round, call in, push around, citation, child's play, assay, chase, approach, wish, offer up, boss around, yell, cards, hand, questioned, endowed, agitate, attendant, submitted, contract, promise, raise, granted, step forward, submit, bring up, implore, urged, query, instruction, bidden, program line, inquiry, predict, invite, impart, petition, crusade, endeavor, question, requisitioned, applied, appealed, solicit, play, campaign, words, conjure, order around, call down, whack, requested, tenderise, phone, propose, endow, proffer, struggle, order, come forward, want, desired, draw, summoned, shimmer, weightlift, bull market, attempted, quoted, inquire, extended, flush, supplicate, requisition, bestowed, hope, holler, romp, gaming, pop the question, endowment, dummy, compact, whirl, fun, invoke, enjoin, tempt, instruct, ask, dictate, send for, conspire, iron, complot, put up, looseness, invocation, call off, auction, stand, compete, offered, mastery, manoeuvre, pray, probed, probe, weight-lift, stamp, offer, tenderize, frolic, quotation, stir, eBay, overture, plead, constrict, forebode, call, attempt, call forth, bestow, summons, anticipate, hollo, competed, advance, trial, given, ask in, see, full house, proposal, pay for, volunteer, bestowal, sought, advanced, go, bid price, application, broker-dealer, adjure, entreat, seek, desire, dealer, bidder, proposition, gave, supplication, press out, tell, direct, auctioneer, urge on, ask over, fight, prayer, wished, issue, dictation, summon, swordplay, gambol, maneuver, effort, bear market, pleaded, like, cut, take in, conjure up, apply, bull, urge, cited, visit, submission, tender, shot, declaration, solicitation, invitation, supply ship, command, period of play, deal, foretell, essay, shout out, investiture, approached, stab, hoped, render, presented, bidding, application form, wish well, charge, sport, bondholder, lead, applicant, bear, squeeze, grand slam, weigh, arouse, shuffle, offering, receive, aspire, ship's boat, wanted, compress, cry, biodata, appraise, iron out, tendered, declare oneself, appraisal, beseech, demanded, scream, invited, over, legal tender, bid up, dealt, bearish, warn, try, require, imparted, queried, solicited, extend, ring, Dutch auction, request, rendered, grant, affirmative action, trial run, issued, pinnace, free rein, push.

Examples of usage:

1) I wonder if you remember that you were the only one who did not bid me rejoice that Jack was dead. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) No, they would never go like that and not bid me good- by. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) You're better than any pipe, but I'll smoke it, and I'll go down, yes, I must, and bid them good- by. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.