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Spell check of image

Correct spelling: image

grasp, air, compass, Xerox, orbit, scene, stove, run into, physical body, control, spitting image, flesh, attend, mountain chain, check, count on, calculate, figure of speech, surface, pattern, build, understand, metaphor, delineation, pick up, throw, moving-picture show, learn, encounter, figurine, video, mountain range, photograph, depiction, ascertain, contrive, chassis, impression, forecast, exposure, go steady, run across, design, counterfeit, vision, range, reduplication, bearing, role, go out, silhouette, externalise, mental picture, motion picture, clone, model, perception, countenance, vista, spectacle, insure, meet, counterpart, experience, find, jut, archetypal, look, material body, film, show, principle, type, movie, picture show, reproduction, pic, specimen, consider, get wind, sample, stunt woman, pastiche, cooking stove, jut out, work out, get word, human body, ideal, rendering, idol, SIMULACRE, enter, exemplary, word picture, escort, see to it, shape, duplication, cipher, idea, snapshot, token, kitchen stove, interpret, character, mental image, miniature, carbon, frame, stick out, cast, examine, two-baser, take in, chain, number, consideration, anatomy, duplicate, mien, soma, notion, statue, kitchen range, depict, copy, stunt man, construe, externalize, ensure, facsimile, date, reflection, word-painting, carving, resemblance, project, scope, trope, see, approximation, simulation, range of mountains, instance, emblem, replica, motion-picture show, propose, determine, ringer, look-alike, regard, appearance, portrait, take to, memory, example, foresee, reach, catch, plan, fancy, double, persona, two-bagger, sign, ikon, bust, prototype, get a line, come across, characterisation, observation, illustration, cartoon, symbol, public figure, part, view, flick, paradigm, thought, figure, theatrical role, epitome, take care, reckon, inspiration, painting, chain of mountains, go for, visualise, drawing, demeanor, imitation, moving picture, doubling, physique, cypher, hear, opinion, parody, photo, envision, bod, protrude, ideation, digit, visualize, send off, find out, picture, two-base hit, conception, effigy, substitution class, form, portrayal, visit, outline, realise, concept, watch, characterization, render, inkling, likeness, estimate, aspect, same, pictorial matter, analogy, display, assure, compute, realize, name, simulacrum, replication, brainstorm, fig, ambit, attribute, carbon copy, theory, ditto, witness, discover, representation, icon, go through, supposition.

Examples of usage:

1) Such an image cannot be recorded on a sextant with sufficient accuracy to make it of any use as an observation. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) What did you put that image up for, anyway? - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) They think they can make the world over in their own image. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.