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Spell check of equal

Correct spelling: equal

come to, coordinate, collected, parallel, good, refer, suitable, lucifer, serene, impact, get even, tint, level, untroubled, selfsame, qualified, even off, embody, enough, unbiased, comparable, equate, tinge, unvarying, equivalent, corresponding, square with, fair, inclusion, prejudiced, steady, equalise, ability, human rights, echo, smooth, pair, correspond, advert, unperturbed, identical, cope with, live up to, another, equidistant, personify, equality, nonpartisan, possessed, close, against, jibe, unshaken, congruent, tied, exist, recollected, disturb, quits, equalized, mate, indistinguishable, double, bear on, represent, basic, balance, copy, position, unworried, fellow, fit, tantamount, consistent, regular, together, follow, touch on, comprise, coextensive, duplicate, mates, alike, equable, stir, equalised, like, coincide, carbon copy, liken, proportionate, limpid, decent, peaceful, unopposed, capable, competent, candid, extend to, objective, equal opportunity, correspondent, peer, balanced, evenhanded, coolheaded, come up to, clear, similar, live, interchangeable, cost, self-composed, cool, break even, consist of, approximate, agree, pit, concern, sufficient, unprejudiced, isothermal, affect, passable, close-run, constitute, uniform, reach, friction match, same, rise to, check, contact, compare, equitable, up to, accord with, bear upon, according, as good as, rival, partake, coequal, adjoin, tight, twin, catch, fitted, isometrical, pertain, tinct, different, unruffled, one and the same, as many, touch, play off, placid, composed, make up, impartial, competing, commensurate, match, colleague, fair to middling, even, discrimination, indifferent, tranquil, tie, sedate, gibe, satisfactory, dispassionate, mirror image, free speech, approach, adequate, undisturbed, adapted, meet, square, isometric, approximation, disinterested, just, positive discrimination, equalize, relate, fifty-fifty, couple, compeer, able, oppose, amount to, tolerable, fitting, tally, self-possessed, equilateral, allude, out, Be, invariable, clone.

divers, unsettled, anisometric, odds-on, distressed, unhinged, distorted, unsuitable, inexperienced, varied, insufficient, restless, disparate, jumpy, colored, disqualified, agitated, unequalised, jittery, parti pris, unjust, deceitful, incompetent, unlike, nonobjective, unfitted, inferior, worried, green, distinctive, jaundiced, unglued, unalike, unsymmetrical, unskilled, unseasoned, useless, diverse, anxious, discriminable, unequalized, flustered, distant, inept, other, prejudiced, skittish, unsatisfactory, unreasonable, arbitrary, nervous, unstrung, inexpert, discomposed, unfriendly, biased, deceptive, uptight, unbalanced, unsympathetic, inadequate, dissimilar, uneven, dishonest, disturbed, unschooled, worthless, partial, new, unquiet, nonequivalent, perturbed, untested, uneasy, unstable, upset, bothered, mismatched, unskillful, nonidentical, unfit, high-strung, miscellaneous, distinguishable, untrained, partisan, beginning, unequal, different, inequitable, poor, tense, differentiable, unprepared, sundry, various, warped, differ, ex parte, one-sided, unqualified, unconscionable, distinct, untried, raw.

Examples of usage:

1) We were equal at the time to the task, and did not require the bear's help. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Now our strength, even under fair conditions, did not seem to be equal to more than ten miles. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) His other books are of equal interest. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.