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Spell check of balanced

Correct spelling: balanced

integrated, framed, fair-minded, classified, realistic, stabilized, ranked, compensated, independent, pigeonholed, equivalent, set, efficient, scored, righted, clear-headed, regulated, fair, miscellaneous, orchestrated, counteracted, methodized, symmetric, equalized, well-balanced, arranged, organized, normalized, consonant, poised, sapient, sagacious, unbiased, supported, pragmatic, uniform, equal, schemed, maintained, stable, unbalanced, designed, schematized, heterogeneous, harmonic, judicious, sensible, rationalized, equaled, programmed, complementary, top-heavy, just, sage, sober-minded, normal, neutralized, cast, eclectic, plotted, methodical, harmonious, systematic, proportional, tuned, composed, natural, tight, grounded, rated, impartial, adjusted, consistent, offsetted, ordered, squared, practical, fixed, screened, evenhanded, right, unsnarled, even, logical, typed, systematized, placed, classed, canceled, wise, scheduled, regular, fifty-fifty, commonsensical, harmonized, devised, sorted, nullified, mediated, arrayed, stratified, cohesive, unified, reason, controlled, reasonable, marshalled, beautiful, down-to-earth, eurythmic, commonsensible, rational, offset, levelheaded, accepted, graded, counterbalanced, counterpoised, matched, grouped, symmetrical, congruous, combined, prepared, clearheaded, same, decent, equitable, prudent, settled, sifted, charted, shaped, well-founded, formed, collated, mature, planned, legitimate, sound, well-grounded, separated, sane, lucid, established, jumbled, proportionate, compos mentis, steady, corrected, subordinated, proportioned, structured, met, categorized.

deranged, delusional, inharmonious, hysterical, disagreeable, mental, distraught, foolish, unfortunate, potty, despondent, daft, paranoiac, unbalanced, delirious, berserk, eccentric, distracted, dotty, strange, crackpot, paranoid, labile, frantic, unsightly, fruity, obsessed, unlovely, odd, unpleasant, uneven, disharmonious, crazed, ballistic, nutty, monomaniacal, meshuga, scatty, inelegant, irrational, bananas, demented, wacky, monomaniac, mad, infelicitous, clashing, unsymmetrical, distasteful, fixated, obsessive-compulsive, unbecoming, disunited, loco, aberrant, incompatible, brainsick, imbalanced, crackbrained, disordered, psycho, asymmetrical, mixed-up, gaga, wacko, cracked, screwy, unaesthetic, ungraceful, senseless, nuclear, pixilated, amok, cranky, raving, loopy, loony, moonstruck, disturbed, inharmonic, batty, schizophrenic, lunatic, daffy, frenzied, unreasonable, crazy, irregular, skewed, certifiable, ape, psychotic, inartistic, depressed, insane, tasteless, haywire, bughouse, graceless, conflicting, unsound, off, balmy, maniacal, disharmonic, uncoordinated, incongruous, delusionary, schizoid, dissatisfying, unequal, witless, displeasing, neurotic, nuts, oddball, cuckoo.

Examples of usage:

1) He was a very normal, well- balanced young man and thoughts of this kind were unlike him. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

2) Grumbling is an advertisement to the world that you are not well balanced. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.

3) Don't you want her character to be balanced? - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.