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Spell check of companion

Correct spelling: companion

helper, garnish, accomplice, commuter, accompanied, blook, confederate, beau, classmate, confidant, near, participator, accessory, adornment, fellow, follower, autobiography, adjoining, authority, cousin, brother, mate, rapport, governess, protector, come with, coadjutor, anthology, half, confidante, relationship, accompany, atlas, crony, accompaniment, coach party, nurse, familiar, go with, cohort, second, chum, ornamental, buddy, corollary, keep company, schoolmate, addendum, acquaintance, biography, familiar spirit, cuss, segment, business traveler, lieutenant, associate degree, fellow traveler, chaperon, teammate, reconciliation, escort, portion, comrade, piece, double, section, additional, extra, match, twin, company, friend, follow, subdivision, in addition to, same, compatriot, link, safeguard, attend, explorer, appendix, adorning, retainer, secondary, substructure, connection, relations, supplemental, appendage, bestseller, ally, affixed, sister, pal, dude, bit, backpacker, chap, fixture, tie, guide, guard, addition, bloke, practical nurse, bird of passage, part, blighter, assistant, henchman, firm friends, playmate, chemistry, play along, fella, lad, counterpart, detail, colleague, camp follower, appurtenance, swain, matron, boyfriend, partnership, adjunct, along with, confrere, gent, co-worker, associate, intimate, association, consort, extension, duplicate, unit, attached, fellow traveller, amigo, running mate, buster, attendant, attach to, partner, roommate, attachment, compeer, girlfriend, almanac, caravan, obbligato, auxiliary, feller, concomitant, annual, bible, ornament, besides, young man, incident.

chief, principal, antithesis, antagonist, betrayer, reverse, antipode, commander, leader, instigator, contrary, opposer, adversary, opponent, rival, opposite, enemy, foe, converse, hinderer.

Examples of usage:

1) She was merely a companion. - "For Every Man A Reason", Patrick Wilkins.

2) And she was your companion- your dear friend- long ago? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) You are not the companion, the friend of this man; I am that. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.