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Spell check of cartoon

Correct spelling: cartoon

representative, exaggeration, byline, chiller, silhouette, canvas, copy, image, article, doodle, photograph, survey, strip, likeness, centerfold, misrepresentation, classified ad, effigy, picture, funny, replica, idol, carving, illustrative, design, imitation, diptych, analogous, model, illustration, representation, takeoff, animation, rendering, announcement, caricature, B movie, fake, scene, drawing, buddy movie, resume, animated cartoon, tracing, analogy, portrayal, artwork, joke, approximate, sham, biopic, distortion, burlesque, portrait, travesty, daub, rendered, anime, impression, graphic, study, farce, satire, aping, figurine, landscape, still life, blueprint, spoof, parody, delineation, abstract, depiction, snapshot, outline, collage, aquatint, cast, approximation, sketch, duplication, painting, plan, facsimile, counterfeit, cheesecake, chick flick, vignette, metaphorical, pastel, pastiche, ridicule, lampoon, comic, charcoal, metaphor, costume drama, portrayed, advice column, statue, miniature, toon, bust, diagram, blue movie, bas-relief, masterpiece, banner headline, water color.

homage, tribute.

Examples of usage:

1) Do for a cartoon- fellow or some one- The disease developed; he had it very badly, but at first his friends did not know. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

2) The conversation at each meeting is for some time closely confined to the discussion of the cartoon, then it spreads to every imaginable topic. - "George Du Maurier, the Satirist of the Victorians", T. Martin Wood.

3) Every now and then, with something like " The Song of the Shirt" or, in another vein, a cartoon of Tenniel's, Punch has been brought back to Reality and thus to the only source of humour. - "George Du Maurier, the Satirist of the Victorians", T. Martin Wood.