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Spell check of burlesque

Correct spelling: burlesque

mockery, improvisation, reflection, improvise, travesty, suspense, imitation, rag, pantomime, excitement, overdeveloped, vaudeville, duplicate, spoof, mimed, impression, copy, burly, farce, impersonation, rendering, teleplay, portrayal, skit, panoramic, overpraised, duplication, fake, melodrama, distorted, roast, light entertainment, comical, dramatic, antic, spectacle, hyperbolic, aggrandized, emulation, joke, respect, melodramatic, pantomimed, ride, characterization, theatric, mock, present, parallel, counterfeit, interpretation, overstated, act, parody, tragedy, Broadway, representation, satire, caper, distortion, lampoon, tragic, extravaganza, fraud, mimic, sneer, pasquinade, razz, hospitality, overstatement, overestimated, overvaluation, overestimation, scoffing, take-off, aggrandizement, dramatize, recitation, trick, misrepresentation, caricature, exaggeration, resemblance, kid, reproduction, production, echo, comedy, characterize, denigrate, Punch and Judy show, corporate hospitality, cabaret, bullfight, panorama, cartoon, improvisational drama, humbug, exaggerated, farce comedy, jeer, overrated, drama, taunt, light show, hoax, art, scoff, put-on, variety, embellishment, takeoff, recital, pretense, strip, carbon, overvalued, performance, monologue, air show, sham, prank, simulation, scene, quip, laugh, custard pie, ballet, karaoke, play, theater, choreography, juggling act, charade, show, mimicry, jest, mime, insult, overdevelopment, rib, presentation, gibe, mocking, artistic, jeering, hyperbole, mirror, pageant, mystery, sendup, same, ridicule, humiliate, replication, dupery, fraudulence, embellished, choreograph, deprecate, improvisational, deride, send-up, pseudo.

Examples of usage:

1) Kenneth Boyd dropped his manner of burlesque. - "Helena Brett's Career", Desmond Coke.

2) No plot, nothing except that its fatiguing and may be a burlesque. - "Helena Brett's Career", Desmond Coke.

3) Ordinarily her reading varied between an adoration of Tennyson and mocking and dramatic declamations either from the " Pansy Library," or from its brother- classics, of which the typical burlesque is " The Blood- stained Putty- knife, or The Plumber's Revenge." - "The Story of Louie", Oliver Onions.