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Spell check of doodle

Correct spelling: doodle

cartoon, trifle, paint, fribble, sketch, depict, etch, caricature, draw, scratch, rendering, fool, illustration, illustrate, pastel, redraw, cacography, shade, mess around, landscape, painting, fool around, bas-relief, water color, masterpiece, scene, diptych, daub, hang about, abstract, kick around, blueprint, tracing, drawing, scribble, thrive, portrait, render, charcoal, diagram, aquatint, rough out, study, picture, scrawl, still life, scrabble, trace, monkey, plan, play, depiction, potter, putter, canvas, collage, goof.

buckle, settle, knuckle down, set.

Examples of usage:

1) Thackeray declared in all seriousness that he had heard an American in the shop, after listening to the performance, gravely assert that at home in Massachusetts they had a much cleverer oyster, which not only whistled " Yankee Doodle" from beginning to end, but followed his master about like a dog. - "The History of "Punch"", M. H. Spielmann.

2) She was not coming for a week or more, and in that time Andy tried his hand at Yankee Doodle, playing with one finger, and succeeding far beyond his most sanguine expectations. - "Ethelyn's Mistake", Mary Jane Holmes.

3) It was not often that Ethelyn had favored the family with music, but she did so that night, playing and singing pieces which she knew were familiar to them, and only feeling a momentary pang of resentment when, at the close of " Yankee Doodle," with variations, quiet John remarked that Melinda herself could not go ahead of that! - "Ethelyn's Mistake", Mary Jane Holmes.