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Spell check of make

Correct spelling: make

even out, chafe, get down, decode, arrest, exonerate, bushel, sword, assign, carry out, ramp up, bring out, play, confine, variety, introduce, accomplish, coerce, throw away, discern, defy, incur, straighten out, brand name, stupefy, work up, crystalize, shew, have got, marque, codify, cast, require, profit, pose, formulate, gift, charter, overhear, proceed, support, perceive, conciliate, put on, spring, race, stool, thread, hazard, begin, gear up, nominate, result, collect, withdraw, mould, verbalize, energise, commit, sterilise, blade, triumph, specify, give way, take shape, develop, control, shamble, fuddle, stumble, puff, sacrifice, defend, betray, mold, have, benefit, accommodate, declare, dispatch, claim, add up, process, practise, fetch, choose, know, key out, scram, induct, gravel, pull back, find, mend, obtain, pull ahead, withstand, suffice, determine, absorb, give birth, species, gross, choice, breed, behold, move over, assume, discover, rent, train, compel, twig, get hold of, conceive, receive, assoil, come upon, rile, make for, outfit, progress, call for, end product, crop, disembowel, show, bring on, get ahead, put up, clock, describe, shed, chance on, put one across, slay, accept, pressure, speak, take effect, taxonomy, draw in, apply, caste, illuminate, retain, trace, fashion, ferment, call, catch up with, pass, curry, nock, fake, form, annoy, pester, curb, reach, fulfill, politics, deem, spawn, wee, restrain, depict, take hold, tally, mother, gather, appreciate, consecrate, appear, ca-ca, press, stir, coordinate, misrepresent, grok, shop, cognize, book, get to, conduct, type, impress, catch on, arrange, befuddle, score, kick in, maintain, interact, sack, sign over, manipulate, give rise to, feign, use up, classification, make out, situate, assemble, work on, net, construct, off, function, get through, throw off, start out, fare, prepared, threaten, evoke, translate, come in, run to, fixate, grant, look at, sense, view as, fall in, bother, erect, kingdom, hire, draw and quarter, necessitate, throw, add up to, dig, afford, substantiate, go for, build, alienate, prevail, fix, adopt, clear, render, gauge, nark, collapse, brand, yield, leave, steel, genotype, deal, drag, exculpate, micturate, put one over, attract, get up, break, polish off, create, irritate, set off, tiller, prompt, work out, dragoon, engage in, educate, crystallize, occasion, feather, coiffe, contract, estimate, ring up, designate, propose, constitute, possess, intuit, reconstruct, series, commence, impact, get together, put forward, appoint, take up, perk up, byproduct, legislate, bind, machinate, gather in, switch, exercise, grasp, shake off, groom, keep back, turn, imbibe, take, set up, wage, delineate, touch, flummox, quarter, suck up, advert, trade name, fit, draw off, invent, marshal, cast off, look, plant, study, stick, pull-in, inspire, win, trifle, desexualize, constrain, ready, pay, calculate, drive, reconcile, come together, clear up, move in, degree, doctor, knead, hold back, hatch, direct, institute, put, sort out, let, shambling, progress to, seize, agnise, ilk, pee-pee, actualize, persuasion, amount to, decipher, cultivate, class, hold in, head, take a leak, ingest, own, pay back, nettle, devise, dupe, set about, adjudge, negotiate, wreak, acquire, settle, initiate, take out, rush, carry on, knock down, enunciate, generation, desex, attack, pretend, force, do, sterilize, motivate, nonplus, slang, manufacture, check, ease up, guess, confuse, organize, even off, string, define, sit in on, lease, ordain, structure, catalyze, understand, clan, dissemble, put together, pull out, inaugurate, comprise, aim, flip, bring about, select, proffer, compute, crystalise, act upon, come to, confect, establish, profess, secure, derive, pip, contact, style, mobilize, generate, enter, procure, dumbfound, shake, arrive, subscribe, draw, assess, befool, father, nurse, suppose, cover, represent, stain, consume, derivative, eviscerate, sandbag, label, get ready, extend to, discombobulate, involve, realize, wanton away, collide with, line, recognise, grain, savvy, provoke, furnish, imprint, cause, discharge, turn over, puddle, fudge, total, influence, suck in, answer, blackjack, install, light upon, act, vex, view, strain, sustain, take for, get at, top, demonstrate, crystallise, dedicate, invite, enter into, acquit, start off, action, carry off, promulgate, take form, assimilate, pull off, rat, mystify, nag, money, return, impel, bring forth, stimulate, muscle, participate, repair, get out, cite, result in, subscribe to, come out, take aim, denounce, piece, achieve, coiffure, lead to, go about, come over, need, category, steek, get in, do work, learn, offer, give rise, ground, cod, muddle, compensate, log, engineer, serve, touch on, tender, denomination, launch, baffle, equal, operate, affect, feel, stigma, garner, guide, follow through, deliver, sour, oblige, make headway, phylum, lead, say, law, take-in, figure, engender, perform, pack, work, approach, hold, set out, falsify, harbour, sop up, rear, tell on, rack up, drag into, advance, sack up, furbish up, unclutter, tumble, entertain, come off, reorganize, birth, get, perpetrate, reckon, wangle, tap, frame, consider, present, place, perplex, shed light on, adjust, agnize, bugger off, open, strike out, founder, light up, bemuse, pull down, elicit, transfer, earn, delegate, join in, commodity, join, impinge on, desirous, originate, prepare, recognize, become, bump off, put through, unsex, shuffle, occupy, procreate, relieve oneself, people, genus, draft, parent, make believe, devote, refer, impart, arouse, utter, equip, pass water, take a crap, come by, solve, effect, shake up, take a shit, enlighten, lineup, distinguish, piddle, buzz off, wee-wee, restore, designation, bring up, forge, enforce, soak up, arrive at, behave, make up, engage, limit, badger, talk, authorise, sham, pull, notch, fasten, firebrand, found, systematize, concur, touch off, stag, watch, shape, get back, feature, list, gain, prioritize, mark, identify, elucidate, amaze, happen upon, project, base, contribute, spend a penny, fool, contrive, fox, energize, take away, posit, brand leader, reserve, farm, hold up, keep, sort, shoot, experience, admit, grass, diagnose, move, hasten, mention, execute, capture, concord, decree, halt, start, even up, carry through, snitch, coif, cotton, stamp, prosecute, pay off, pursue, contain, apprehend, chalk up, beget, bedevil, addle, actualise, manage, rank, bag, give away, kind, beat, prime, prove, read, reach out, bully, judge, alien, order, compose, stock, cook, grow, conjecture, get along, puzzle out, address, lustful, correct, communicate, exact, shut, venture, gain ground, succeed, convey, bring off, puzzle, get in on, register, authorize, agree, make water, ask, sound, cede, step, run into, postulate, chip in, deed, cave in, bear, shuffling, induce, foster, attain, realise, instal, film, trigger, practice, aggressive, suffer, wanton, carry, hand, figure out, retrace, grade, restructure, demand, piddle away, cook up, counterbalance, get under one's skin, count, draw on, see, key, level, remove, obligate, build up, catch, feed, run, chance upon, set, raise, bring in, lay down, strive, name, fall upon, brighten, excite, harbor, pass on, produce, put to work, brace, fill, confound, stripe, bring, come, gull, go, enact, organise, rag, ingenerate, desexualise, compass, reap, patch up, land, dress, strike, come across, drop, guard, take on, bulldoze, submit, tie, lick, hurl, effectuate, hit, thrust, invoke, be, sire, bewilder, moderate, give, fabricate, seduce, pick out, exploit, family.

disjoin, fail, argue, level, misperceive, prevail, clamp down, ruinate, permit, part, grant, forfeit, misconstrue, satisfy, blow up, unfasten, raze, skimp, overturn, misapprehend, give up, smash, knock down, separate, tear down, misconceive, eradicate, abolish, relinquish, inhibit, devastate, subdue, rein, work out, squash, calibrate, dismember, liquidate, abrogate, rescind, disassemble, open, take apart, slur, repeal, check, limit, quench, explode, undo, mistake, invalidate, detach, ruin, persuade, pulverize, extinguish, induce, miss, compute, take down, annihilate, surrender, restrain, restrict, strike, demount, crush, pull down, can, yield, unbolt, unbar, snuff, arrest, shatter, reverse, divide, impede, accord, exterminate, suppress, break, disunite, disconnect, unchain, misunderstand, nullify, break up, allow, hand over, control, misinterpret, slight, destroy, flatten, convince, quash, unmake, put down, win, let, repress, annul, quell, unseal, cancel, disengage, dampen, demolish, dismantle, talk, smother, still, move, wreck, squelch, curb, unlatch, measure, scale, give, revoke, void, pay, fall short, stifle, unlock, crack down, lose, misread.

Examples of usage:

1) At first they could not make the rascal talk at all. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) But it would be a mistake to make too much of Jane. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) I did not know how else to make you understand. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.