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Spell check of auxiliary

Correct spelling: auxiliary

accompaniment, ombudsman, intermediary, in addition to, addendum, auxiliary verb, casual, concomitant, aid, stand-in, relevant, backer, surrogate, impresario, hand, attendant, assisting, the active, arm, additional, menial, figurehead, mediator, ancillary, adornment, sustaining, underling, garnish, partner, secondary, administrative assistant, clean, second, dummy, laborer, mouthpiece, ornamental, assistant, ally, abettor, henchman, assignee, adjutant, do, adorning, cordless, volunteer, delegate, aspect, companion, supplemental, lieutenant, agency, substitute, actor, collateral, functionary, analog, consanguine, aide-de-camp, accessory, akin, deputy, representative, appendix, peripheral, aide, spokeswoman, double, broken, servant, adjunct, spokesman, acolyte, broker, fixture, aiding, accessorial, supportive, connected, adjuvant, blood, attorney, middleman, flunky, supplementary, reserve, coincident, coadjutant, follower, extra, helping, clever, extension, subsidiary, instrument, aider, spare, analogous, helping hand, correlative, liaison, appurtenant, attachment, built, junior, clockwork, emergency, supporting, advance person, budding, accomplice, stooge, attached, acting, peon, proxy, operative, chattel, serving, nominee, executor, backup, copula, employee, patsy, creative, ghost, contributory, envoy, worker, token, appendage, agent, chaperone, associated, subject, consort, brother, affiliated, the first person, blue-collar, subordinate, dependent, germane, vehicle, related, helper, helpful, coadjutor, designate, besides, go-between, appurtenance, standby, vassal, increase, automatically, kindred, automatic, the conditional, accessary, hireling, conjugation, help, minion, appointee, adjoining, emissary, addition, pertinent, understudy, serf, supplement, helpmate, along with, pawn, associate, emeritus, benefactor, alternate, cooperating, ornament, affixed, factor.

required, prime, integral, basic, vital, unsupportive, indispensable, whole, needed, main, primary, original, requisite, total, fundamental, principal, all-important, chief, needful, imperative, essential, necessary.

Examples of usage:

1) On the following day, with reduced sail and the help of the auxiliary engine, we pushed far up into Melville Bay, where we ran into fields of pack- ice. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) " It will be remembered," continued Mr. Bridgman, in his press reports, " that Dr. Cook, accompanied by John R. Bradley, Captain Moses Bartlett, and a number of Eskimos, left North Sidney, N. S., early last July on the American Auxiliary Schooner Yacht John R. Bradley, which landed the party at Smith Sound. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) I got up to find Reason, reinforced by her auxiliary, bright sunshine, most firmly in the saddle. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.