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Spell check of dismiss

Correct spelling: dismiss

muster out, abdicate, revoke, reprieve, call, preempt, repulse, arraign, rout out, recess, can, disperse, pink-slip, miss, provoke, toss out, keep, force out, release, devolve, appeal, rouse, set free, deny, evict, recall, rout, set down, dislodge, veto, annul, expend, blackball, enkindle, discard, disagree, dispossess, disavow, lay off, put away, cashier, diminish, abolish, go off, eliminate, fling, bundle, turn down, melt, squeeze out, open fire, disclaim, unthaw, resolve, mitigate, deport, neglect, absolve, boot, put up, omit, discount, eject, mandate, poor-mouth, apologize, condone, depose, depreciate, disincline, dethaw, chase, bounce, tolerate, give notice, bump, dispose, chuck out, efface, boot out, remit, talk down, repel, negate, kiss off, expatriate, ease out, displace, spurn, neutralize, stop, reject, move, kick out, cut, drip, renounce, stay, privilege, exempt, pardon, dispel, forgo, emancipate, permit, acquit, abnegate, belittle, deliver, run out, nix, authorize, chuck, sink, relegate, refute, give the gate, fade away, pretermit, retract, gouge, free, dethrone, cancel, dispatch, write off, turn off, sack up, deprecate, throw, extinguish, shoot down, kindle, hire, give the axe, obliterate, clear, cease, tin, allow, bring, replace, get rid of, drop off, ignore, run down, let loose, give the bounce, deteriorate, remove, disband, relinquish, disregard, degenerate, dispense with, snub, out, shed, skip, push aside, abandon, cite, fuel, leave, burn, apprise, overlook, grant, derogate, ostracize, refuse, give over, push away, oust, exculpate, run off, throw out, employ, cast aside, crowd out, approve, end, brush aside, bust, do without, suspend, vilipend, expel, claim, drop, empower, dispose of, fade out, forget, destroy, forbear, relieve, excommunicate, trash, fell, apprize, dangle, impeach, drop down, disaffirm, fire, defray, set aside, thaw, toss, boycott, retain, unseat, send, drive out, show mercy, invalidate, jettison, unload, disengage, net, accept, avenge, squirt, brush off, disdain, part with, throw off, exonerate, drum out, eradicate, toss away, arouse, turn out, dribble, waive, sack, detach, pension off, cast away, cast, disqualify, except, nullify, vent, give up, put down, vacate, spend, disparage, relent, cast out, withdraw, supersede, cry down, dis, flatten, extrude, banish, forsake, terminate, bad-mouth, overleap, liberate, vindicate, license, leave out, capitulate, denigrate, usher out, surrender, decline, ban, elicit, disown, pay off, undo, trash-talk, bring before, send packing, retire, swing, raise, minimize, let out, turf, shut out, exclude, burn down, discharge, send word, dissolve, give the sack, notify, appear, advance, affirm, send away, desert, knock off, throw away, cut down, finish, forgive, excuse, cast off, exile, play down, outlaw, break up, ax, advise, let go, adjourn, drum, unfreeze, divorce, rid, shake off, repudiate, evoke, delete, strike down, plunder.

endorse, subcontract, entertain, house, eulogize, countenance, keep, harbor, accept, favor, acclaim, sign, compliment, welcome, commend, exalt, reemploy, admit, laud, rehire, approve, magnify, receive, hire, engage, lodge, applaud, take in, extol, take on, employ, sanction, shelter, praise, recruit, contract, take, retain, recommend, glorify.

Examples of usage:

1) With these remarks, we may dismiss the specific charge of injustice brought by socialists against the present order of things, and the specific claim of right for the labouring class which they prefer. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) Mr. George ought really to have decided what problem he was to write about before he began to write at all, and we may therefore for the present dismiss both his problem and his explanation till he makes up his mind. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) But on his second meeting with Norah Monogue he saw that he was not to be allowed to dismiss it. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.