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Spell check of disregard

Correct spelling: disregard

sack, burn, throw out, lapse, slew, nonchalance, displace, omit, give notice, hack, issue, veer, unconsciousness, care for, geld, prune, obliviousness, brush off, thoughtlessness, insubordination, lack of interest, befuddlement, disinterestedness, insouciance, forgetfulness, shorten, subvert, do, send packing, negligence, slack, abbreviate, cut, turn off, cut down, terminate, repel, rebuff, tailor, snub, overlook, pass over, treachery, dissolve, heedlessness, complacence, indifference, blink, ignore, trim down, slight, sedition, shirk, neglect, reduce, concern, skip, brush aside, insurrection, bring down, IgG, subversion, trim back, absence, oversight, absent-mindedness, see, torpor, thin out, aloofness, unconcern, preoccupation, abridge, default, write out, remissness, despise, failure, give the sack, rationalise, apathy, push away, laugh off, trim, can, cut back, dilute, fire, incuriosity, let it go, forget, push aside, incuriousness, detachment, omission, edit, carelessness, switch off, usher out, traitorousness, give the axe, slackness, slue, drop, connive at, curve, foreshorten, rationalize, contract, miss, sheer, disrespect, send away, mutiny, disobedience, force out, disuse, inattention, thin, casualness, wink at, rebellion, cut off, dismiss, trend, edit out, treason, discount, neglectfulness, leave out, distraction, make out, swerve, dreaminess, turn out, overleap, fail, trespass, rebel, blink at, scorn, pretermit, disobey, nonperformance, inadvertence.

regard, passion, curiosity, attention, warmth, warmheartedness, conscientiousness, zeal, heedfulness, desire, partiality, keenness, sensitivity, vehemence, bias, prejudice, ardor, attentiveness, interest, concern, awareness, fervency.

Examples of usage:

1) Circumstances prompted her to disregard one of the most binding laws of society, yet, while she considered herself justified in doing so, her sympathies were, on the whole, more enlisted in the state of things as they are than as they might be. - "George Eliot", Mathilde Blind.

2) He had studied its picturesque aspects, its freedom from care and responsibility, its comfortable disregard of conventionals, its happy indifference to custom and opinion. - "In Wild Rose Time", Amanda M. Douglas.

3) In our newspapers there is a seeming disregard for the real evidences of their national development. - "History of the United States, Volume 6 (of 6)", E. Benjamin Andrews.